Boost Your Holiday Sales

The busy Christmas shopping season is almost here, which means it’s time to amp up your holiday marketing (if you haven’t yet).  After all, Christmas is the perfect season to increase your traffic and sales to an all-time high than any other time of the year. 

That is why we laid out 5 digital Christmas decor ideas to support your marketing efforts. With these tips, you can attract even more customers and bring in big bucks. 

1. Use Christmas-themed email signatures

Spreading the holiday spirit through your email marketing campaigns is an excellent way to connect with and engage your existing and potential customers. 

Make a Christmas email signature to add engaging Christmas-themed elements to your seasonal email marketing messaging. This can help you build customer relationships and encourage your audience to act on your offers. 

Use Wisestamp to create customized Christmas email signatures from professionally-designed templates.

Christmas Email Signature

The email signature solution lets you upload a Christmas GIF or image to your email signature or add one from ready-use Christmas-themed banners or GIFs using the signature editor tool.

Christmas Email Signature

You can generate a Christmas-themed email signature that supports your holiday messaging and offers with a few clicks. It also helps you connect with your contacts better and win over more paying customers. 

2. Post pictures of your company’s “Zoom” Christmas party

Just because you’re running a company doesn’t mean you need to be uptight and formal all the time.

Show the human side of your business by posting pictures of your company’s Christmas party (socially distanced- of course). Post pictures of your team laughing while eating, a photo of them playing games, or perhaps your team wearing Christmas-themed costumes.

As long as you don’t post anything derogatory and inappropriate, nothing bad will happen to your business. In fact, your customers will most likely be more light-hearted towards you because their perception of your company will change.

Instead of seeing you as an uptight organization, they’ll see you as a company they can laugh, be merry, and share the Christmas spirit with. This makes you more relatable and approachable—both of which are crucial to building meaningful relationships with your customers. 

3. Display seasonal banner ads

Display ads are some of the perfect places to include your digital Christmas marketing decorations to help drive holiday sales because these can reach a lot of people who are ready to shop or buy.

Use Christmas-related patterns, colors, and images but don’t just throw these in for your ads to be “one with the season.”   

Design your ad in a way that your target audiences can identify it as part of your unique campaign to help you achieve your campaign goals.  

Here are some other tips to help you optimize your seasonal banner ads.

  • Make your ad unique while keeping the seasonal theme. Avoid overloading your Christmas banner ad with too much holiday imagery that it blocks your brand’s message. Instead, emphasize your branding’s elements that connect with Christmas, such as using white images and red or green background for your logo.  
  • Ensure your ad design and Christmas offer makes sense. Align your product or offer with your Christmas theme to make your banner ads more convincing. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense to show products more appropriate for the summer, such as swimwear, against a backdrop of snow.  

Make the most of your display ads by adding the right amount of Christmas elements and using appropriate messaging and content to encourage holiday shoppers to buy your products. 

You’d be surprised at the rise in sales your business can get by including a few Christmas colors or a photoshopped snowflake here and there to your display ads. 

4. Publish holiday-themed interactive flipbooks

One of the best ways to increase your holiday sales is to include interactive experiences in your customers’ Christmas shopping.

Bring your product catalogs to life by creating holiday-themed interactive flipbooks. It’s a great strategy to stand out from your competitors and draw in more customers. 

Use cloud-based publishing tools such as Flipsnack to create interactive product catalogs, online magazines, gift guides, and more. The tool provides templates you can easily customize to create, let’s say, 12 days of Christmas deals flipbook that showcases your best holiday products.

Christmas Flipbooks

You can modify the template using the editing tools, including page-turning sounds and effects, and add branding elements such as your logo and colors.  

A flipbook gift guide or a product catalog designed specifically for Christmas shoppers can make the holiday shopping experience more fun and engaging. This can help your business entice more customers into buying your products, increasing your sales. 

5. Run Christmas-themed contests

There are several platforms you can use to run Christmas-themed contests. While social media sites are almost always the ideal place to run your contests, you can also use your website or email campaigns.

Don’t just run contests for the sake of entertainment and audience engagement. If you carve out your contest mechanics carefully, you could even see a huge spike in your holiday sales.

For example, make buying your product a requirement for your audience to join your contests. If your products are reasonably-priced and add lots of value, there’s no reason why they won’t buy.

If you’re looking to generate engagements and grow your brand visibility, require your customers to share your social media post about your contest on their timeline and add three of their friends.

Contests are perfect tools to promote your brand and grow your sales this Christmas. Just remember these two things when running your contests to increase your likelihood of success:

  • Come-up with a meaningful prize. Something worth-having. If your audience loves your reward, they won’t think twice about joining your contest. However, if they hate it or it doesn’t have enough oomph!, chances are you’ll be ignored.
  • Keep it simple. Make your contest mechanics simple and short. The more complicated or drawn out the rules are, the fewer people will join.

What’s next?

Leverage the holidays! Use the tips shared above to breathe the Christmas spirit into your marketing campaigns to make them more relevant, festive, and relatable. With the right marketing strategies in place, you and your team will have a merrier Christmas than you did last year. Cheers!

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