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Social Media Advertising
We create campaign strategies that drive conversions.

There is both strategy and social science behind creating and maintaining not only your social media presence but social media advertising campaigns as well. In order to ensure a successful paid social campaign is run, you must:

  • Be engaged with each platform on a daily basis
  • Be fully committed and invested in the process
  • Ensuring the creation of great content
  • Building your following and engagement
  • Listening to the wants, needs, and desires of your fans and followers

No matter the platform, we’re ready to build your best campaign yet!

Crafting stellar content that drives conversions.

facebook ad example
Create ads that bring your target market straight to your website. Then, learn how to nurture leads and close the sale.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Services

  • Facebook Campaign Strategy, Setup & Management
  • Instagram Campaign Strategy, Setup & Management
  • Ad Copywriting & Creative
  • Ad Research, Setup & Optimization
  • Campaign Tracking & Reporting

Each advertisement will consistently reflect your company’s branding, tone, and overall goals. Creating an ad also requires adherence to Facebook’s image guidelines and advertising best practices. Fortunately, we know the ins and outs of each!

Setup & Optimization

Each ad set is set up according to the target audience’s demographics, geographic location, and interests in order to ensure your ad reaches people that are most relevant to your specific goals. Your daily ad budget and ad delivery schedule are also set at this time. Our service includes the creation of a set of ads with ad creative including copywriting, images, and slogans or taglines. If your campaign requires landing pages to be built, an additional cost will apply.

Campaign Tracking & Reporting

  • Tracking pixels
  • UTM Parameters & Google Analytics

The success of ads is determined by placing tracking pixels directly in your website’s code. These pixels make it possible to see and track unique visitors whenever they visit your site or complete an agreed-upon conversion – like purchasing an item or filling out a contact form. By carefully monitoring the performance of each ad set, we provide recommendations for future ads and campaigns.

UTM Parameters are used to create trackable URLs in your ad campaign that pull in information to Google Analytics. Through these methods, we keep a careful eye on website visitors, ad clicks, and the overall success of your ad.

We also create tailored Social Media Advertising reports outlining the specifics of each ad run so you can easily see what has been done and the success of each ad.

We keep you updated on your paid social performance with insightful analytics and eports.

LinkedIn Advertising Services

  • LinkedIn Advertisement Setup and Management
  • LinkedIn Profile Branding Assessment
  • Ad Copywriting & Creative
  • Ad Research, Setup & Optimization
  • Campaign Tracking & Reporting

Each advertisement will consistently reflect your company’s branding, tone, and overall goals. Your social campaign and selected ad type will dictate the need for Ad Creative and Copywriting on a case-by-case basis. You can choose from:

  1. Sponsored Updates: Boost your content and get it in front of your desired target audience via desktop, smartphone or tablet.
  2. Sponsored InMail: Drive more leads by reaching your target audience with content that’s valuable to them – directly to their LinkedIn Inboxes.
  3. Display Advertising: Run display campaigns in order to drive brand awareness and keep you in front of prospects, no matter where they go online.
  4. Text Ads: Drive high-quality leads to your specified ad budget.

To learn more about our other Social Media Advertising platform options, contact us!