Trademark Productions (TM) is proud to support the upcoming Digital Summit Detroit conference, Oct 11-12, for what will be an amazing digital marketing event!  Expand your …

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How to Create Personas for Better Content Marketing

If you’re a marketer that loves their job and you’re looking to improve on your Content Marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. In this …

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Sheep View 360: How Google Hijacked Sheep

Google Street View? Drop Yo Pin! Everyone does it: randomly drop a pin in the weirdest spots you can think on Google Street View. Entire …

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Instagram Zoom is Here!

How many times have you tried to zoom in on a picture on Instagram, only to remember that you CAN’T? The HORROR! Today, that all …

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UX design notes on a whiteboard

How SEO & UX Work Together for More Conversions

What good is ranking well in the search engines if users do not click through, or even worse, do not convert? SEO should not stop …

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