About Trademark Productions
We’re here to be your partner and help you succeed.

Since 1998, Trademark Productions (TM) has successfully built thousands of websites and developed numerous custom software applications for a variety of industries. We’ve helped save a hundred sinking ships, guided start-up’s, and managed innumerable successful digital marketing campaigns.

In an era when everyone is a web developer or SEO expert, TM has stuck to one of our founding principles: providing honest and experienced advice that generates real-world results. You’ll get a trustworthy assessment of your website design and digital marketing needs, along with a strategic plan to get you where you’re trying to go.

TM Provides Everything You Need, Customized Just For You

Online success is important to your business and our reputation is important to ours.  That’s why every solution we provide is customized to the exact needs of each client. We don’t sell templates, SEO packages, pretty reports full of BS or anything else that you don’t need.

We prefer to cultivate long-lasting relationships with our clients. We aren’t interested in telling you what you want to hear just so we can get in your checkbook. We are just as selective of our clients as you are when you choose a company to build your business online.

Who Is TM?

Detroit Website Design - Trademark ProductionsBrains & Brawn. Our education didn’t end with a piece of paper; that was only the beginning. Our staff is Detroit-tough – continually reinvesting in training and education. In fact, many of our teammates are self-taught since the start of the web.

Detroit SEO Agency Trademark ProductionsSEO Consultants & Teachers. We want you to understand what we do, why we’re doing it, and why each solution is right for you. To keep you focused, we’re just as likely to tell you “no” as we are to tell you “yes.” Ultimately, the choice is yours, but we’ll always point you in the right direction.

Detroit Web Development Agency - Trademark ProductionsWe’re a Web Only Company. We’ve always been a web design agency. If it’s offline, we know how to close the loop and digitize all your sales and marketing efforts. This is part of what makes us a premier Detroit web design agency.

Magento Ecommerce Development - Trademark ProductionsTime Tested. We’ve built over a thousand website projects, from simple 10 hour builds to 1,000+ hour customized software projects. We’ve been doing SEO and online marketing since the 90s. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Trademark Productions Detroit, MIWe’re Insourced. Only TM team members will ever touch your stuff. Our full-time, Detroit website design professionals collaborate with each other on our clients’ projects, opportunities, and solutions every day.

Detroit Web Development Agency - Trademark ProductionsWe’re Your Partner. We aren’t vendors. You’ll never catch us giving someone what they think they need just to catch a paycheck and send them on their way. We want a relationship with you. Mutual respect required, cuddling optional.

Website Redesign Agency Detroit, MIWe’re Not “Them.” Many have come to us after a failed relationship with another web design provider. They’ve got a decent looking website that didn’t meet goals and a pretty monthly report that didn’t make them any more money. Sound familiar? We have experienced pros for every corner of the web. We will restore your faith in what the internet can do for you and your organization.

Professional Web Design with the “TM Stamp”

TM Website DevelopmentWebsite development  and design is something TM takes very seriously. Every web project we produce is custom designed, based on user testing from the ground up. The process is the same, no matter if it’s for a large construction company with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue or a small business that needs a simple web presence. Our focus is to provide a great, custom web design that is hand-coded, fast and mobile responsive so the user experience is the same, no matter the device or connection. Custom website development with no frills, no unnecessary bells, and whistles needed. That’s the branded “TM Stamp.”

Affordable Business Website Design

As a full-service web design agency that’s been around for over 20 years (yep, since dial-up internet), we’ve remained agile and adaptable, honing only the skills that help clients like yourself grow and produce real-world results. Our agency has the technical and creative chops to make your business’s web presence powerful. We also perform website maintenance or train your staff. Take a look at our professional web design portfolio or get a Free SEO Website Audit.

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