As a leader in business CRM tools (Customer Relationship Management), HubSpot leads the pack for many reasons, including its ease of use, continuous technological advancements and growth, and support to work alongside other marketing and sales initiatives. Review the HubSpot ROI Calculator to see how this marketing automation tool can grow your business.

How does HubSpot obtain the customer data used in the ROI calculator?

HubSpot collects data as customers interact with them via their websites or use HubSpot’s subscription services. What they collect, how they use the information they collect, how they share that information, and how customers can manage their information are all described in our Privacy Policy.

What browsers does this calculator work on?

This calculator works best on Chrome. As a disclaimer for Safari browsers, you may notice that your calculator is flickering/flashing on the page. This is usually due to a privacy setting in Safari browsers (desktop and mobile) that blocks the content. Chrome and other browsers have this setting ‘off’ by default, while Safari is ‘on.’ 

You can add text above your calculator on the page to notify leads about this nuance and how they can turn off this setting if using Safari.

Warning: this is a global privacy setting and will affect all websites that the user is visiting. We recommend using an alternative browser rather than turning off this setting.