Over the last several years, the use of social media has become a critical piece of marketing for almost every industry. Using social media marketing for a business comes with a lot of time-consuming and tedious work. What if we told you there was a one-stop-shop tool where you can schedule posts out as far as you want for both Facebook and Instagram, then further monitor those posts’ performance? This incredible tool is Facebook’s own, Creator Studio. 

What is Creator Studio & When Should I Use it?

If any of the following scenarios apply to you, Creator Studio should be added to your marketing tool-kit:

  • You post multiple times a week on Facebook and Instagram for your company
  • You create a content calendar for what would like to post with specific times 
  • You wish to post the same or slightly different content 
  • You have an interest in tracking which posts are performing the best

Scheduling Posts in Creator Studio

One of the most commonly used features of Creator Studio is the pre-scheduled tool. This feature allows you to easily schedule posts in the future instead of having to manually post in live time. The convenience of this tool does not stop there. If your company uses both Instagram and Facebook, you can schedule posts for BOTH platforms and go out in sync with one another or independently. 

In the event you wish to post/schedule content for both Instagram and Facebook through Creator Studio, your accounts must first be linked. If the two are not already linked, read through this quick post for how to do so before moving forward with scheduling your posts.

Step 1: Log in to the Platform 

Begin by signing into your Creator Studio account. The home page will look something like this. We can see a lot of options in our toolbox on the left-hand side. The one we will be focusing on for now is the green button at the top titled “Create New.”

Creator Studio Home Page

Step 2: Create a New Post

After clicking the “Create New” button, you will be offered a secondary menu where you can select “Create Post.” We have now made it to this interface.

Creator Studio Scheduling

Step 3: Filling in Your Content

This is when you will have the opportunity to fill in the content for your company’s post. 

  • Under “Post text and links,” you will type in the caption for your post. 
    • This can be words, hashtags, a link to your website, or anything else you were hoping to say when users view your post. 
  • Next, add images or videos to your post.  Click the “Add photo” or “Add video” buttons and browse through your files for the image or video that will be shared.
    • Selecting more than one image is also an option if you intend to do a carousel post for Instagram.
  • Add in any additional information, such as tagging the location or people in the post, within the respective fields on this page. 
  • Once everything is entered in and is rendering the way you want it to in the preview on the right, the post can be sent out immediately or scheduled for a later date. By clicking on the blue ‘Publish’ button in the bottom right corner, the post will go out immediately, if you wish to schedule your post for a later time, simply click the downward arrow on the ‘Publish’ button and select ‘Schedule post.’ You will now be prompted to select the date and time for your post for each platform (Facebook and Instagram). 

Scheduling post in Creator Studio

You can view your scheduled post in a calendar format and see exactly when it is set to go out. 

Monitoring Your Posts with Creator Studio

Now that you can successfully schedule posts, it is time to talk about another popular feature in Creator Studio, the Insights tool.

This tool allows users to monitor the success of their posts through a variety of categories. To find these metrics, click on the “Insights” tab on the left-hand side of the Creator Studio home page. Within this tab, you can view information about how your page is doing, the audience that your posts are reaching, how much engagement your company is receiving, and more. 

Furthermore, you can then segment this data into the exact timeframe you want to look at. If you wish to see how your page has been performing from the start of the year to now:

  • Simply click the date drop-down menu, found at the top of each Insights page, select January 1st – today’s date, and then “Update.” The data you are viewing will now change to show only the information collected within the selected timeframe. 

Creator Studio Monitoring

These statistics can be used to further guide your company’s social media strategy and point your team in the right direction based on what is performing the best. 

Regain Your Time with this Social Media Tool

If you or your team thinks Creator Studio would be a good tool to implement into your company’s social media marketing strategy, we would be happy to assist you along the way! Call us today and speak to one of our account managers at (248) 582-9210.

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