What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO Agency
Technical SEO is the cornerstone of website success that cannot be overlooked.

Technical SEO is anything that affects site performance, like broken URLs or site architecture. Websites that have completed technical SEO are much easier for Google to crawl. In fact, some technical SEO aspects are even included in ranking signals, like site speed and mobile friendliness!

The foundation of a great SEO strategy put into practice begins with a proper site structure. If your website isn’t running at its optimal peak, it could affect your rankings and user experience. Have a confusing or complex Robots.txt file? This can hurt your website rankings too.

Without this solid foundation, it will be challenging to rank even with great content! Before starting any content efforts, your site’s technical SEO should be assessed for any underperforming areas.

What does Technical SEO include?

    • URL Optimization
    • Broken URL Redirection
    • Site Architecture
    • Site Speed
    • Mobile Friendliness & Usability
    • Internal Linking
    • Schema Implementation & Issues
    • Canonicalization Implementation & Issues
    • Hreflang Implementation & Issues
    • Indexing & Crawling Issues

How can Technical SEO Audits help my website?

Technical SEO refers to the process of optimizing the infrastructure of a website for when search engines and other bots crawl and index your web property. Search engines like Google use complex mathematical algorithms to determine which websites a user seeks. The goal of technical SEO is to help search and interpret your site as you intended while embracing requirements they have for optimal association with their algorithms. Many factors like redirect chains can impede crawlers and hurt your rankings while tools that create proper Schema collects and displays structured information for search engines. Tm can help you navigate all these aspects when we perform a full site SEO audit.

TM has more than. two decades of SEO experience and can perform an audit and outline steps to correct the common or even most complex SEO problems on a site.

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