Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has changed dramatically over the years. Yes, you need a well-built site that runs on a fast server, but that’s just the beginning. Search engine optimization has foundational principles that are still very much our key focus today.

Fortunately, we’ve been executing successful SEO campaigns since the early ’90s and have continued to evolve with the times. Some of our services include:

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Trademark’s SEO Services

Our SEO services include complete SEO audits. These SEO audits are not consisting of automated SEO software that runs across your site and exports a branded report. Why? There are many false negatives that can appear in automated processes. We look at what those automation services say, what they actually mean and how to explain to you, your team, and developers, and why they are impacting the overall SEO on your site. Creating onsite content that’s valuable to the user and search engines is essential. This practice is the foundation of successfully ranking in search.

Combining SEO with Content Marketing provides quality content for users and crawlable text for Google. Good, relevant content that has been properly written after keyword research for broad and supporting phrases are outlined. This becomes a focus for any SEO services we offer after all audits.

We also implement Technical SEO to pinpoint usability issues that affect users and Google alike, such as site speed and indexing problems. In addition, we analyze mobile and desktop usabilities to guarantee a great experience no matter how your potential customers search.

Ask us about our SEO Retainer services to see how we can help your company long-term. Or if you’re a local business desiring foot traffic, let us help you with your local SEO.

We believe in long-term, strategic SEO strategies with complete transparency and lasting results. Those aren’t usually terms you hear from an SEO company.