Social Media Posting Guidelines 101


  How do you learn to navigate social media? There’s no class that covers the do’s and don’ts of social or that teaches you when to share …

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LinkedIn Advertising Secrets


There has been a huge shift in the past two years as to why people are using LinkedIn. Mostly, there has been an evolution from LinkedIn being …

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Facebook Advertising 101: Ad Creative


The power of social media advertising is vast and our clients are beginning to harness it. As with any new business or advertising endeavor, trying …

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How to Optimize Facebook Ads Using Flex Targeting


Ah, Flex Targeting! Or, as Facebook calls it “Flex-And-Or Exclusion” targeting. What is it and why do you need to use it? You’re about to …

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Use Facebook Instant Articles Like a Pro


Facebook’s announcement that they’ll be rolling out Instant Articles to publishers of any size has promoted a wave of questions and a conversation that’s left us pretty …

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