5 Common Challenges When Building a Website


I’ve been in the web development and online marketing industry for almost sixteen years; which pretty much makes me a senior citizen in this profession. …

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DIY Auto: A Well-Driven Website


The DIY Auto website was launched by Trademark Productions (TM) this week and it’s a project we’re very proud of. This build required us to construct …

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Multiple Sclerosis In African Americans: Detroit Patient Outreach


TM is excited to announce that, MS In African Americans: Detroit Patient Outreach has officially launched! Wayne State University’s Department of Neurology partnered with Trademark Productions to …

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HTML and CSS Defined


The Foundation of A Website How you view a website in your browser is very different from what a developer sees when he’s actually building the …

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Here, Let Me Translate That For You!


Designer? Developer? Front-End? Back-End? Fullstack? What is this? Are we in Narnia? I am so confused. I just wanted a website. Help! There, there now. …

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