Becoming a Web Developer: Josh’s Story

Becoming a Web Developer: Josh's Story

A strong culture of learning, hard work and collaboration has been cultivated at TM; it’s engrained in everything we do and everything we are. Starting …

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7 Programming Language Basics

Programming Language

When I first started at TM as an intern in 2013, the last thing I was interested in was learning how to code or understand programming …

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Why Building Websites for Mobile is Important

responsive image

It’s no secret, people are completely glued to their phones and if your site is not giving the masses a good experience, you’re truly missing …

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Web Design, Color Psychology & Buyer Emotion

color psychology banner

Colors actually affect our daily lives more than the average person may realize. It’s been proven that every color has its own unique effect on …

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5 Tips for a Healthy Website in 2015


The New Year always brings a time for reflection, both personal and professional. We resolve to “Get a promotion!” or “Run that ½ marathon!” (Okay, …

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