Envision Medical Group

Envision Medical Group is an integrated, physician-driven healthcare enterprise focused on consistently delivering high-quality and cost-efficient outcomes leading to a healthier community and individuals. The group includes 10 practices, some with multiple branches, across Oakland County, Michigan.

envision medical group

Our Challenge

Envision approached Trademark Productions with the goal of building one parent website that would include mini-sites for each of their individual practices. Their goal was to help streamline the patient experience, make branding cohesive, and keep all resources in one location. Within these mini-sites, each practice needed to have their own company-branded section with their photos and content specific to them - all while under the Envision Medical Group roof.

On top of developing a universal site for all of Envision’s practices, our Design team was tasked with giving the Envision Medical Group a refreshed logo and brand. This included creating a brand new logo and brand book for Envision Medical Group as well as digitizing and cleaning up the logos for their individual practices. 

It was also important that the Envision Medical Group site and mini-sites were on a server that could accommodate the amount of combined traffic it would receive while providing the security and protection required for medical businesses online.

  • Develop a parent website to encompass all of the practices on one site
  • Update and refresh the Envision brand with new logos and website
  • Ensure all advanced security and protection for the site was addressed
  • Modified the TM Franchise plugin to act as individual subsites for each practice
  • Utilized heatmaps to focus the website design on usability
  • Installed and configured advanced security plugins to the website

Our Solution

Our Development team was up for the challenge of getting all of the Envision properties on one website. We modified our TM Franchise plugin to allow each practice to have its own branded space on the site. Each practice now has its own navigation that includes services, providers, about, contact, and blog pages. In addition, each practice’s page includes its logo and the ability to schedule an appointment and access telehealth services. 

To get a better understanding of how to refresh the Envision brand, our Design team also made use of heatmap data from their old sites. This allowed us to work and observe data from actual users to design a user interface that would streamline their experience. The inspiration behind the rebrand was to make a step towards a cleaner and more professional look. The logo design pulled inspiration from the original but has a much more fresh and professional feel. The brand book was an expansion on this, pulling a great amount of inspiration from the existing parts of the brand.

One Parent Site With Individual Practices Subpages

To consolidate and get all of Envision Medical Group’s practices on one site, we utilized the TM Franchise plugin. This allowed for Envision Medical Group to be the parent site, but also for individual subsections to exist under the same website. Each practice’s subsection allows the visitor to view that practice’s services and providers. The visitor also has the ability to schedule an appointment online, access the patient portal, and sign in to telehealth.

Updated Branding Elements & Logos

It was time for Envision Medical Group to refresh their overall brand with a new logo and brand book. The main focus was cleaning up the logo to provide a modern but professional look. This turned into a full brand book for Envision to use for their other marketing materials along with digitized logos for the practices.

Dedicated Private Server

The TM team set up Envision Medical Group with their own Liquid Web dedicated server. This ensures the site is able to accommodate high levels of traffic without experiencing any slow loading issues or downtime. On top of that, their dedicated server has advanced security features to further protect data.