Masterpiece Sound Studios

Masterpiece Sound Studios has been brought back to life in honor of its original owner, the late Sylvia Moy. Moy was a famous Motown songwriter back in the day who recorded with James Brown, Stevie Wonder, and other Motown royalty. After her passing, her siblings banded together and decided they wanted to renovate and revamp the studio. The Estate of Sylvia Moy wanted to provide a state-of-the-art recording studio that embraced the history of the roots in Motown.

The studio has partnered with Michigan State University to offer classes at the studio in addition to standard sessions to aspiring artists and the public. Services offered by the studio include recording/studio rentals, music video production, voiceovers, audio engineering, and multimedia production. These services are led by a team of local experts in the field, who are also highlighted on the website.

Our Challenge

The Masterpiece Sound Studios team didn’t even have a logo, let alone a previous website when they came to us. The TM design team seized the opportunity and let our creative juices do the work. It was up to us to build all branding elements from the ground up. Ultimately our team guided them through the design process, creating an original logo, colors, design, and overall branding elements.

With new branding elements, the TM team needed to design and develop a website that embraced the Masterpiece Sound Studios brand. The website needed to allow visitors the ability to book studio sessions through an online booking form. Also, the TM team would need to set up the site to have an online store through eCommerce software - WooCommerce. This would need to allow direct fulfillment through an ERP system and third-party shipping system ShipBob.

  • Create brand colors, logo, and design elements from scratch
  • Integrate and customize an online booking system
  • Set up and integrate shipping with WooCommerce and a 3rd party system - ShipBob
  • The Design team created multiple variations of a logo and a full brand book
  • We researched solutions until we found one that would execute the studio’s service offerings
  • The team had to learn the ins and outs of ShipBob to execute shipping for the client

Our Solution

Designing and creating the Masterpiece Sound Studios brand was the first step before we could move forward. The TM design team went to the drawing board and brought design elements that represented the soul and life of Motown, but with modern design elements. TM found the perfect harmony between the two and designed multiple logos, a brand book, and a website interface. 

Once the design was in place, it was time for the TM development team to get to work. Our first task was to review the plugin options for online booking systems. After review, we went with a third-party plugin called Bookly, which will allow visitors to book online and connect with the Masterpiece Sound Studios booking software. 

In honor of Sylvia Moy and her Motown classics, the Masterpiece Sound Studios created the Masterpiece Gems online store. The TM development team set up WooCommerce software that would allow the clients to list their products online for visitors to purchase. In Masterpiece’s case, they did not have inventory on hand. This required us to set up and configure ShipBob which would allow shipping automation through their fulfillment center.

Bookly plugin for scheduling sessions

In order to assist with scheduling all of their new clients, we implemented a third-party plugin called Bookly to allow visitors to sign up for individual sessions with the Masterpiece team. The Masterpiece team is able to manage and facilitate those signups and integrate them with their internal scheduling system.

Masterpiece Gems e-commerce merchandise store

As Masterpiece continues to grow, so does their popularity! The requests from clients to buy Masterpiece-branded merchandise became common. We worked with the Masterpiece team to implement and set up WooCommerce to allow visitors to purchase shirts, framed prints, and more. Additionally, we integrated with a third-party shipping fulfillment center (ShipBob), which is then automatically notified of new orders to fulfill.

Cutting edge design, with a dynamic footer and multiple branding elements

Branding was of the utmost importance for Masterpiece. A clean, sleek look with homage to the Motown era of music was a requirement, and we delivered an overall look-and-feel that followed those requests. Utilizing proper photography, negative space, and big beautiful text, we were able to capture the vision that the Masterpiece team was looking for. It also coincided with all of the other branding material that we crafted for them, including their new logo.