With the motto, Make Things Better™, Entropy Resins creates biobased formulations, where they create high-performance, environmentally friendlier, sustainable epoxy resins, proven with a Life Cycle Assessment. This Gougeon Brothers company sets the bar high by protecting the environment and sharing the best products possible. 

Entropy Resins logo

Our Challenge

Entropy Resins came as a referral from a previous client who joined this environmentally-sustainable company. They were looking for a refresh on their WordPress website to a more modern design that shows their progressing company vision and mission. The updated design needed to convey their authority in sustainability, as well as the top-notch quality of their resins. 

In addition to a fresh look, the website needed to incorporate a partner European resin company acquired through their parent company, Gougeon Brothers. With two continents being represented on the website, there were a multitude of challenges to figure out, including two sets of products and figuring out their labeling, measurements, pricing, disclaimers, and much more. We needed to ensure all products would be configured correctly for each country, as well as allow the site to translate languages for international users coming to the website. 

Lastly, Entropy Resins wanted to highlight their sustainability initiatives, including their product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), 1% For the Planet, and their U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred program certifications.

  • Create a stunning design to enforce authority in epoxies and environmental sustainability
  • Combine the U.S. and EU websites as one functional eCommerce platform
  • Educate consumers on Entropy’s sustainability initiatives
  • Created an eco-centered design to properly highlight their environmental initiatives
  • Built a WordPress multisite to house two continents on one domain
  • Kept an ongoing relationship since launch and helped with other initiatives, including digital marketing

Our Solution

To bring their vision to life, we developed the website to include more interactivity and visually-appealing pages that would draw more attention and engagement to their products and initiatives.

Website Design

Our design team looked to amplify the already-existing Entropy Resin brand by placing more emphasis on the eco-centered aspect to properly highlight their environmental initiatives. To do this, we used photos highlighting the natural beauty of the earth. From the homepage rotating banner to the footer, there is breathtaking imagery to remind users of the impact their purchases make. 

Additionally, the hexagon is used as a design motif to reinforce brand immersion when going through the entire website and can be seen in the logo, buttons, and background elements. We also made further enhancements to continue to build the company’s story, including the homepage’s LCA counter, a grid of images with tickers that counts up to show the impact their bio-based products have made because of their sustainable business model.

Website Development

During this phase of the project, we created a multisite WordPress website to host both the U.S. and EU companies, with the EU side being a subdomain of Entropy Resins. Both are consistent in website design for brand continuity.

With this being an eCommerce website, we installed WooCommerce to display and handle the logistics of the online shopping experience. Due to the many configurations of what comes with their resins (a slow, fast, or extra fast hardener and optional accessories) and many add-ons not being able to be sold separately, our team had to make sure that all possible simple or variable product combinations showed correctly on the website and through the purchasing process.

Additionally, we wanted to ensure the products were properly highlighted and showcased on various sections of the website. Each product on the site has a specific color scheme that matches what’s shown on its product label. Metaboxes helped us achieve this by passing that specific color scheme into each page or a class could be added to an element like a card, which would then pass the color scheme to the individual card styles. This is specifically highlighted on the homepage where each custom product card is displayed.

We also integrated features to use the Google Translate engine to dynamically translate the text on any given page when users come from an international location to mirror their current location. This feature lives in the top navigation so it’s easy to change over before getting too far into the website. 

Since launching the new website, we have also done a number of website maintenance updates, digital marketing initiatives, and graphic design pieces for Entropy Resins, which remains a long-standing client with our agency.

Digital Marketing 


After launching the website, we knew SEO would become a huge proponent for building organic rankings for Entropy Resins. To see what keywords were being ranked and the status of the landing pages, we conducted a content audit to see what content performed well for the past 30 days, then we created a content strategy for their organic and competitive trends and search terms. This allows us to create content relevant to their company while staying on trend with what’s being searched by interested users. Additionally during this process, we have been able to increase the overall organic awareness for the brand as well.

Google Ads

To harness the power of SEO, we also began creating and running Google Search and Display ads. We overhauled the then-current setup for the account and focused on the products and their uses. Focusing on this layout allowed us to target keywords, and add negative keywords that would guide qualified traffic to their website and the products at hand. Over the course of running the ads, we garnered the following metrics for the entire account:

  • 338 product purchases
  • $0.35 per ad click (a very low, but great amount to spend based on average metrics for eCommerce websites)
  • 1.57% of ad viewers clicked on all ads (on average for an eCommerce website, the Search Network clickthrough rate is 2.69% and Display Network clickthrough rate is 0.51%.)

The combination of our SEO and Google Ads expertise alongside Entropy's internal social, email marketing, and other organic efforts allows us to see great changes and improvements to sales and brand awareness across all channels.

Visually Dynamic Product Pages

We took a different approach for this eCommerce website’s individual product page, so it’s unique and stands out from its competitors. Each product commands the attention of the user alongside hexagonal elements and nature imagery, connecting the bridge between the product and its environmentally-conscious construction. Also, each product’s label color is reflected on its page to create immersion.

Two Shops: U.S. & EU

Since the Gougeon Brothers expanded business operations to Europe, we included all the necessary countries within the main website as a WordPress multi-site. This allowed for the two continents to remain separate for pricing and logistics, but together on one website so users could see the other site if needed.

Entropy Theater Video Gallery

Post-launch, the client desired to showcase their partnerships with talented, influential resin makers through video format. We launched Entropy Theater, an interactive video page to showcase how to use the company’s products while giving an immersive experience of being in an actual movie theater. As users scroll down the page, they are able to see looping video previews to entice them to want to watch the entire production.