Cabo San Lucas Shuttle

Cabo San Lucas Shuttle is located in one of Mexico’s most popular tourist locations. It provides transportation services to and from the San Jose del Cabo International Airport — also known as the Los Cabos Airport. Additionally, the company offers affordable five-star service and reliable transportation that can be booked online or over the phone.

Cabo San Lucas Shuttle logo

Our Challenge

Cabo San Lucas Shuttle is a current customer with a custom plugin they market with ads. They wanted to reinstall it on a custom domain with a new look and feel that was both simple and mobile-friendly. 

Their main website development challenge was to advertise this new website company alongside their parent company. This would help control advertising costs among all the companies while stacking, gaining impression share among them to help ensure that no matter the ad clicked by a consumer, the parent company will get their business. The goal was to create "a store on every corner at an intersection all owned by the same company."

Another website development challenge was to utilize an exact match domain as a marketing tactic. The customer owns a number of geo-specific keyword-relevant domain names. The site needed to target a specific audience/customer base by only offering three select products at specific price points. Additionally, we needed to import data from the existing location database to work with a master Booking Plugin that would be located on the new Cabo San Lucas Shuttle site allowing customers the ability to pick their own transportation and pay online sucessfully.

  • Make the website look professional, which exhibits the authoritative vibe of all authentic companies
  • Install a custom online booking system with merchant integration and seamless automation
  • Import data from the existing plugin to the new site
  • Utilized different spatial designs, matched logo colors, and used licensed images
  • Created custom metaboxes as the content areas on the website’s backend
  • Installed, configured, and launched the transportation website as quickly as possible so customers can complete online booking quickly and the process is seamless into the parent’s company process

Our Solution

For the design, we had the creative liberty to define a logo as well as a color palette for this transportation website. We decided to take inspiration from the colors you would see in the sky during a sunset in the tropics. This yielded a beautiful range of purples and oranges that make the site still feel tropical while also standing out from the standard blue and green palettes you generally see on transportation booking websites.

It contrasted very well with the blue and whites of their other transportation website for the parent company, setting it apart as an attractive and comforting alternative booking option. The logo design was inspired by this color palette, featuring a shuttle with a setting sun in a grouping of palms behind it — again, trying to put you in the space on a tropical vacation. Beyond this, the website design was fairly simple; we picked a lot of relevant images that helped to create the mood we were looking for, as well as created a custom form layout for online booking. 

Within the website build, we built a custom dropdown at the top of each metabox section which housed a screenshot from the approved design comp of the site. This served as a reference for the type of content that would go in each section. Along with description text for images, we specified maximum dimensions that guided the client through content insertion. After these upgrades, the client was able to remove the excess data and then begin adding unique content again. Our design and website development changes resulted in a transportation website that was very easy to navigate and provided a simple eCommerce checkout on any device.

Easy and Seamless Online Booking Experience

The online booking experience is easy to navigate and provides a seamless process. This is now a customer-friendly site that shows options and perks very clearly. The phone number is clearly displayed so that any questions can be answered directly by that method. Customers also have the option of utilizing a detailed contact sheet that is made conveniently available on the landing page. A FAQ page also helps to make the booking process as easy as possible. In the upper right-hand corner of the home page, there is a purple button that says "Book Now" that is very visible to help travelers Move quickly forward with the booking process.

Focus on Resort Locations

By focusing on three select products at select price points, the site is now able to put more emphasis on resort locations. We included a chart of locations that’s simple to understand and easy to navigate, with prices transparently displayed. It gives times and distances from the various resorts.  Included was a feature where customers can check the status of their flight, updated in real-time. We also included a map on the home page so customers can get a good visual of where the resort is relative to the shuttle and the airport.

Vibrant Design and Photos

The design for this transportation booking website worked really well. The colors and images we used helped distinguish it from the original site. The mauves and oranges are very soothing and inviting, and they are very reminiscent of a dreamy tropical sunset. The logo also carries the tropics theme and features purple palm trees with an orange setting sun, as well as an image of a shuttle in blue.  The font colors are blue and purple, and the word shuttle stands out in block letters. The logo gives off a friendly feel. In addition, the site images are licensed stock photos that share the theme of tropical fun, and many echo the purple and orange hues that make that tropical sunset very inviting.