Knowsmoke helps car shoppers objectively measure the smoking history when buying, selling, or renting used cars with a thirdhand smoke test kit. This helps consumers avoid the human health consequences of residual smoke particles by verifying that the car is smoke-free. 

Knowsmoke brand logo

Our Challenge

The Knowsmoke team approached us with a brand name, a brand color, and a logo for their company. While Knowsmoke had an existing Squarespace website, they sought our expertise and guidance to roll out the rest of their brand that would allow them to succeed online. They wanted their brand presence to be bold and sleek but not overpowering. Their goal is to appeal to a wide demographic in a friendly manner that retains scientific authority while tugging on the emotional aspects as well. 

We were tasked with creating an eCommerce website that would educate consumers on the dangers of thirdhand smoke while enticing them to buy and use the product. The website needed to be easy to navigate and provide scientific information that’s easy to understand to the layman. 

Additionally, our design and marketing teams needed to provide a branding strategy and associated assets that will allow them to present their brand to gain partnerships. This strategy also was the beginning of the prep work needed for a post website launch. The Knowsmoke team wanted to go full force in advertising their product on social media and pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

  • Design a helpful and authoritative website that is accessible to the layman
  • Solidify Knowsmoke's branding by creating a brand book to guide marketing
  • Develop a digital marketing campaign for PPC ads and social media strategy
  • Created the brand book to showcase the branding of Knowsmoke
  • Implemented their design aesthetic, including defining their color palette and establishing consistent motifs
  • Developed a WordPress website with several page templates, shortcodes, and helper classes to accomplish advanced content break up easily
  • Consulted on digital marketing campaigns and social media efforts

Our Solution

Our design and marketing teams started with an in-depth analysis of the brand. We determined that because the company was brand new and likely to shake the industry, we wanted to ensure they put their best foot forward and created a solid foundation for the brand itself. 

Design Elements

First, we selected a color palette based on the orange color Knowsmoke wanted with secondary colors that are bold yet seemingly scientific. The font we selected is the Brother 1816 because of its clean, classic, friendly, and inviting appeal. We kept a cohesive feel and look but modernized it with full-color gradient spreads and balanced those with imagery. 

To reinforce the product, we designed a texture that loosely emulates smoke, giving the pages large swaths of color and a bit more feel. Large imagery is overlaid with text to boldly reinforce the statements with a visual. 

We also used a grid placement for the layout to have a great structure while still seeming free-flowing. This layout gives the pages a consistent feel spread-to-spread while allowing for ample opportunity to be creative with layouts. 

With all of the design elements established, we crafted a brand book that would be used for both the website and marketing purposes. This brand book could be easily used for marketing purposes and handed to vendors to fully understand how to properly represent their brand and the product. 

Brand Book

Once the design elements were solidified, we created the brand book to cover their brand story, tone, mission statement, values, vision, logo, colors, typography, and print collateral. Our creative and marketing teams worked together to polish any remaining content.

The brand book is now available digitally and in print format for Knowsmoke to present while seeking partnership and for anyone else representing their brand. We’re proud to showcase the importance of this smoke testing technology in a way that reflects the professionalism and refinement of the business and exudes the feeling of care for human health and wellness.

The Website

Knowsmoke's WordPress website is simple in functionality with a bold design but offers customized components. The eCommerce functionality was pulled in by using Shopify. It also provides many elements, styles, and classes for the Knowsmoke team to add and format content using the page editor in the website’s admin. 

Since the launch, there has been an increase in demand for the thirdhand smoke test kit, which prompted the Waitlist option for interested customers. It allows you to learn when the product will become in stock on the website for those car shoppers who are interested in objectively testing their vehicles.

Post Launch: Marketing Effort

After laying all the foundation for content, their website, and other items, we prepared Knowsmoke for running successful digital marketing campaigns. We’ve also consulted them on effective social media content that will speak to their target market and prepared them to run advertising when the time is right.

Interactive Homepage Design

We used simple functionality and a bold design for the website development. It is built on WordPress, but the functionality leverages Shopify for the cart and checkout process. We did this because Knowsmoke requested the ease of a Shopify checkout for their customers.

Brand Book

During the analysis, we determined a brand book would solidify the brand and ensure that the client wouldn't have to revise digital marketing materials over time. We took a bold approach to the layouts with full-color gradient spreads and balanced that with imagery and texture that loosely emulates smoke. We overlaid the imagery with text to make a bold statement and reinforce the message with a visual.

Branding Elements

Knowsmoke really wanted a brand that was sleek and bold without being overpowering. We selected a color palette in oranges and browns with a bold yet friendly theme. We chose a classic and inviting font and laid the pages out in a grid structure to give it a consistent feel while allowing ample opportunity to be creative with layouts.