Internal Team Review and Management

Sometimes, you need an outside perspective. As a business owner or manager, it’s often hard to tell when your online efforts could be better, especially if your people are unknowingly steering you wrong, or you’re too close to the situation to see the problems. Sometimes, it takes some outside help from an internal team review to understand your pain points or address insufficiencies.

One of TM’s most popular consulting services is helping to audit other companies’ teams that generally have it figured out, but could use some refocusing or direction.

Internal Marketing Team Management
Bringing in a fresh perspective to boost your business success.

This isn’t a new theory. Many business owners have a bookkeeper to manage their daily accounting efforts, while also employing a CPA to help with financial oversight or tasks that require more technical expertise.

TM is Your Partner

It’s important to have a partner that can work alongside you. In our case, this is especially true for managers or business owners that may not know about all aspects of the online world. Without being an expert yourself, it’s hard to know if your team is steering you wrong.

Are the SEO, PPC or social media experts you hired actually good at their job, or are they just faking it really well? Not knowing and risking that situation could potentially cost a lot of money.

This all sounds a little melodramatic and accusatory, but we see it happen all…the…time. That’s where we come in!

Internal Marketing Team Management
From small adjustments to in-depth training, we’ve got the right solution.

The Internal Marketing Team Review Process

Our team of consultants can help review your website or digital marketing efforts, point out what’s going well, and where you could use some help. Sometimes, we find a few small adjustments and training are all that’s needed.

If you have a resident expert, we’ll work with them to review things or help you review their work to ensure they’re as good as they said they were!

Regardless of the outcome of our internal team review, you’ve got a business to run. After this process, we are more than happy to check up on your team, train them whenever necessary, fill or replace any holes you may have, or help manage your team full-time. It all depends on your needs.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Contact us to tell us more about your situation.