If you think it’s been a fun week learning and then blogging about H1, H2 and H3 tags, well, you’d be mistaken. Let’s be serious for a moment, though. I’m a writer, not a programmer. And if I was going to wish to be something else, don’t you think I’d have upped the ante and perhaps shot for being a rock star instead of just a mere little ol’ programmer? I wouldn’t even waste a wish to be a multi-millionaire since I could just as easily have slept my way to the top. So, back to your website. One of the tidbits I uncovered had to do with title tags not matching your H1 tags. Why? Because they need to be different in order to avoid over-optimization of your site. Based on that, one might surmise that over-optimization can hurt your website. True or false?


Over-optimization is like a turbo boost. It’ll get you noticed, but not in the good way and it will eventually get you booted out of the search engines. That’s an extreme example, though, and usually entails keyword spamming, link farms and other forms of SEO manipulation. Search engines like Google do frown upon some of the lesser forms, too, though. Too many bolded words, too many H1 tags, H1s that match the Title tags, etc. The best thing you can do if you’re not sure is to ask or at least make certain the folks who are building or updating your website know about these things. Don’t take their word for it, though. Ask them to explain it to you and if they can’t? Warning!

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