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Our on-going WordPress Maintenance plans are designed to ensure your website is always running smoothly and effectively. We keep your website completely up-to-date while consistently monitoring and verifying security at each step of the way. From daily website monitoring, to comprehensive SEO oversight, our WordPress Maintenance plans ensure your website is functioning at peak capacity with the tightest security measures possible.

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Daily Website Monitoring

Your time is limited, and that’s why we’re here! We’ll do a daily check for minor updates and complete them for you automatically. It’s peace of mind knowing we have everything under control!

Bi-Weekly Scheduled Updates

WordPress software and plug-ins are manually updated bi-weekly, maintaining the most current versions of each at all times. These also include post-update testing to ensure both your website and plug-ins are configured correctly.

Critical Security Updates

In the event of a security exploit, we’ll oversee proper and immediate patch work. This gives you priority access to any critical security updates released by WordPress; something you may have had to wait for in the past.

Quarterly Website Backup

To ensure your website’s most recent assets are properly secured, both file and database backups are available online for a period of 15 days. Backups are provided by a downloadable link via email.

Monthly SEO Report

Combining Google Analytics data with TM’s in-house monitoring tools, we’ll provide a detailed website performance report and outline any suggestions for website improvement.

Monthly Google Analytics Check

Ensuring proper traffic reporting and conversion data, you’ll never have to worry about Analytics working properly. We’ll always alert you of any potential issues, and work together to provide quick solutions.

Monthly Google Webmaster Tools

We’ll monitor Webmaster Tools for site messages or reported issues from Google. Not only will we make you aware of such issues, but present you with the best “next step” scenario possible.

Broken Link & Image Repair

Monitoring your site for any broken links and images, we’ll work quickly to report any such issues! Additionally, we’ll provide solutions for the links or images in a timely fashion.

Domain & SSL Monitoring

We’ll notify you of any upcoming renewals, well before it’s time, as well as the required processes to ensure your domain and SSL certifications never expire.

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