TM's WordPress Team Member Plugin
With our plugin, you can easily show off your staff

TM’s WordPress Team Member Plugin

TM found that many customers desire to display their team members to website visitors for a variety of reasons, including showcasing the level of knowledge their employees have and the recognition they deserve. So thus the WordPress Team Member Plugin was born!

No matter the reason, clients always want features to be simple and easy to maintain while knowing it was built correctly. We’ve constructed a quality-minded plugin that works seamlessly with the WordPress user interface. It’s easy to add, remove or edit a team member (and if you know WordPress, you know how simple that really is). Our Team Member plugin is also search engine friendly.

SEO-Friendly WordPress Team Member Plugin

TM takes search engine optimization very seriously. When we built our Team Member WordPress Plugin we considered how each bot or spyder would run through the code on the website. We kept it clean and provided all of the items Google wants to see on the website. Plus, TM always makes our plugins user-friendly.

Key Features

The WordPress Team Member Plugin by TM

Responsive Team Grid

The code behind this plugin takes care of all things responsive so that you don’t have to. Rest assured that your team members grids will shift and scale to the appropriate size of all common mobile devices.

Easy staff updates with TM's WordPress Team Member Plugin

Easy Updates

It’s a snap to make modifications to your team members: just open the admin, click their name, make the change, and press update. It’s a piece of cake!

Photo & Bio on WordPress Team Member Plugin

Photo + Bio

Our plugin supports the ability to add in: a name, a biography, and a photo for each employee. Once that’s completed, the code takes care of the rest to make sure it’s set up and displayed properly.

SEO Friendly WordPress Team Member Plugin

SEO Optimized

We’ve already done the groundwork ensuring that the right tags are in the right places, and our code is up to par. All you need to do is make sure you have names, photos, and bios ready to show off for your team!