TM's WordPress Job Posting Plugin
Manage career postings on your website with ease.

TM’s Job Posting WordPress Plugin

You shouldn’t need a developer, or even know how to code, to put a job posting up on your own website.

Posting a new position should be as simple as clicking a button, writing the career description, and hitting publish. TM created a custom plugin that does just that: say hello to the WordPress Job Posting Plugin! It’s an e asy-to-use career posting management handled within the WordPress administration area.

The TM Job Posting Plugin is simple, effective, easy to use with zero coding knowledge required, and helps interested applicants apply to the company’s job listings.

See it in action on TM’s Career Page, or our client, Motor City Electric’s, website.

Key Features

TM's WordPress Jobs Plugin

Easy-To-Use Interface

Utilizing the intuitive built-in WordPress interface, TM keeps the job posting experience simple and comfortable. It’s just like writing a new post or creating a new page.

TM's WP Jobs Plugin

Simple Automated Forms

When you list a career, TM’s Job Posting WordPress Plugin automatically shows an application form at the bottom of each page. Best of all, you can customize the fields to collect exactly the information you need.

Custom WordPress Job and Career Plugin

Email Notifications

Be the first to know when someone fills out an application form on any of your career postings. The email notification will even tell you which position they’ve applied for and attaches their resume.

WordPress Job Board Plugin by TM

Submission Database

Didn’t get an email? Accidentally deleted ones you received previously? Don’t worry! There’s a database within the WordPress administration area so you can view every application ever submitted.