Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Custom WordPress Plugin DevelopmentIn our many years of building WordPress websites, TM has seen too many plugins developed the wrong way.

From a poor user interface, horribly-written code, and everything else in between, TM has seen it all. To combat this epidemic, we avoid using any website feature we know isn’t the best for our clients. That’s why TM’s skilled developers constructed a collection of custom WordPress plugins from the ground up! Our custom plugins offer specific sets of functions and are easy to use.

Here are our most common custom WordPress plugins:

  • TM Project Gallery
  • TM Job Posting
  • TM Team Members

Ready for a TM Custom WordPress Plugin?

TM’s Custom WordPress Plugins are available to purchase for all, even developers ask to purchase them! TM handles all of the heavy work, including the installation and configuration of the plugin properly. We’ll even train you on how to use the plugin too.

Yes, We Can Develop a Custom WordPress Plugin for You!

If the mentioned plugins are not quite what you’re looking for, don’t fret! With the unlimited potential of our hard-working devs, TM can build any plugin you can imagine and specific to your business needs.

Additionally, we offer a small library of other custom developed plugins.

Contact us about TM’s custom WordPress plugins development!