Dedicated Laravel Development

Laravel is a modern PHP framework that we use for custom software builds here at TM.  Whenever we’re building a website with functionality that goes way beyond the scope of a ‘typical’ CMS (Content Management System), or a CMS is not needed, Laravel is the way to go.

Laravel gives our development team a lot of functionality out of the box, like authentication, routing, an ORM, and a great templating engine. Having all of that functionality immediately available allows us to focus on making the software!

What We Offer

  • Free initial consultation and evaluation of your needs & current systems to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need
  • Free proposal, estimate, and scope of work
  • Free website training upon completion; plus a lot of free knowledge about the web and process along the way
  • Fully-responsive, 100% custom designs and builds to the highest coding standards
  • U.S. based, in-house Magento development agency with almost 20 years of experience
  • Consultations about SEO, site security, website maintenance, and more
  • Website maintenance, upgrades, and redesigns
  • A professional process, clear communication, and a dedicated project manager