Dedicated Laravel Development

Laravel is a modern PHP framework that we use for custom software builds here at TM.  Whenever we’re building a website with functionality that goes way beyond the scope of a ‘typical’ CMS (Content Management System), or a CMS is not needed, Laravel is the way to go.

Laravel gives our development team a lot of functionality out of the box, like authentication, routing, an ORM, and a great templating engine.  Having all of that functionality immediately available allows us to focus on making the software!

What We Offer

  • Free initial consultation and evaluation of your needs & current systems to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need
  • Free proposal, estimate, and scope of work
  • Free website training upon completion; plus a lot of free knowledge about the web and process along the way
  • Fully-responsive, 100% custom designs and builds to the highest coding standards
  • U.S. based, in-house Magento development agency with almost 20 years of experience
  • Consultations about SEO, site security, website maintenance, and more
  • Magento website maintenance, upgrades, and redesigns
  • A professional process, clear communication, and a dedicated project manager

Laravel Project Example

Our latest Laravel Web Development project was DIY Auto. With the sheer amount of data and the complex relationships between all of the different data types, using an off-the-shelf CMS simply wasn’t going to cut it.  With Laravel, we were able to setup all of the complex data relationships and build or own CMS where both admins and users can edit the site content.  Additionally, the flexibility of Laravel has allowed us to continue to build out new features on the site, creating a truly one-of-a-kind database for car enthusiasts.