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About Avalara AvaTax

Have you ever had fun dealing with sales and use tax? Neither have we! Fortunately, Avalara’s AvaTax service makes sales tax less taxing, more relaxing. Avalara provides the fastest, most accurate way to calculate up-to-the-minute tax rates, without all the headaches. Even setting up AvaTax is a simple point and click operation, and they take care of all the rest!

Avalara serves more than 25,000 customers throughout the US, Canada and internationally, and is performing over 200,000,000 tax calculations per year. If you want to automate your sales tax woes, you should check out AvaTax!

About Interspire Shopping Cart

Interspire Shopping Cart is one of the most feature-rich shopping cart applications available. It is easy to set up and start selling your products for almost any level of technical expertise. Interspire Shopping Cart is used in more than 65 countries by over 15,000 online shops! Interspire has developed integration with Google Checkout, Quickbooks, Fedex and many, many more 3rd party service providers!

If you are not using Interspire Shopping Cart to power your online business, you should be! You can get some more information about Interspire Shopping Cart here.

Git Repository

We will always have our latest updated AvaTax addon package here available for download in a .zip format, but we will also store the latest up to the minute changes on our Bitbucket repository. If you want, you can send us a pull request, and we’ll gladly add you the the list!

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