Pay per click, PPC, or paid search, is a very powerful and targeted way to advertise your website or online business. It’s also highly competitive and requires an experienced brain and skill set to master the numbers, opportunities and results.

Pay per click management allows you to get targeted and specific traffic to your website immediately, but requires a long-term goals and rapid, short-term adjustments to your campaigns’ strategies.

We begin by understanding the marketing goals of your organization, studying your competition, looking for opportunities and then setting up your campaigns for success. While PPC will generate traffic quickly, it is in a constant state of analysis and adjustment as your competition, their budgets and the opportunities within the various advertising platforms change regularly. That’s where TM’s PPC Management program comes in.

It takes an experienced search professional to fully understand the search platforms available to you and to provide recommendations for targeting, budget and opportunities within your market. Understanding the nuances of Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo adCenter, Facebook and shopping sites takes years of practice and hours of dedicated studying. Learning that never stops.

With TM’s PPC Managment Program, we can help you with:

  • Industry Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Ad Copy Creation, Testing, Monitoring and Changes
  • Retargeting & Display Campaigns
  • Conversion & ROI Tracking Analysis
  • Lead, Sales, Revenue and Call Tracking
  • Detailed, Human Analysis and Management (with technology to back us up)
  • Day-Parting, Geotargeting & Ad Extensions
  • Thorough Keyword Research & Monitoring
  • Restructuring of Existing Campaigns for Best-Practices
  • Custom Reports to Suit your Needs and Level of Understanding

If you need help with paid advertising, PPC, shopping networks, retargeting, or just want to learn more about Google Adwords and Bing/Yahoo AdCenter, contact us and we’ll discuss the ways that TM can help.

Search Engine Marketing

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Paid Online Advertising

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Communications & PR

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Social Media

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