Is there any acronym overused more and less understood than PR? Ok, maybe SEO! But it is one of those terms that pops up in a sentence like “we need to do some PR” or “we need to write a press release.” What exactly does “do some PR mean?” For some companies, PR gets tossed in with an array of other marketing tactics like advertising. And there is a tendency to gravitate towards the notion of PR without fully understanding it. The truth is, PR is a very useful marketing tool when understood and employed properly. It’s important to understand that there is no magic PR “wand” that will land your company on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Much like other tactics such as SEO, social media and PPC, PR is a process and not a product.

So why care about PR? One word: Convergence.

The lines that previously delineated marketing tactics into neat boxes have been destroyed. The advent and importance of bloggers, the influence of social media and sheer number of online media outlets means PR still holds a tremendous amount of value when utilized as a strategic cog in your marketing wheel. One might even argue that it will grow in importance now that marketing has evolved to more conversation-based and storytelling vs. the one-way message typical of traditional advertising.

Chances are your company has the greatest story never told because PR was always an 11th hour after thought – cue the press release talk. A well crafted public relations campaign will complement and close the loop on your other marketing initiatives. It should drive an action and work towards an objective, whether that is brand awareness, increased site traffic or a new product announcement. In sum, the goal of your public relations outreach should be to create another touch point to start a conversation with your target audience.

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