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From social media marketing to your overall marketing strategy, our free marketing template and worksheet is exactly what you need to take your plans to the next level!

Crafting a well thought out marketing plan is integral for your company’s total marketing efforts. A great marketing plan ensures you’ve put a systematic approach in place to develop your company’s products and services.

This task isn’t a small one. In fact, it can be downright daunting. That’s why we’ve created a Marketing Plan Template to help you get started and included a free Marketing Plan Worksheet to make the work even easier.

When you’ve completed your Marketing Plan Template, we created a Social Media Strategy Template too that you can use to really drill down into every aspect of your marketing plan. Yeah, we thought of everything!

What does a great marketing plan consist of?

For a marketing plan to be successful, you must be clear about your objectives and how you’ll go about achieving them. A good marketing plan will set clear, realistic, and (maybe most importantly) measurable objectives. These objectives should include:

  • Marketing Budget Breakdown
  • Responsibility Allocation
  • Project & Task Deadlines

Your marketing plan should consist of these elements:

marketing plan template
If you have any questions along the way or you’d like help with the process overall, contact us. We’re ready to be your partner.
  1. Defining the Business
  2. S.W.O.T Analysis
  3. Product & Service Breakdown
  4. Competitive Research
  5. Market Research
  6. Overall Marketing Strategy
  7. Brand Messaging
  8. Branded Design Assets
  9. Brand Voice & Tone
  10. Monitoring & Measuring

What if I don’t know what half of those words mean?

Don’t get discouraged. We define every single one of those marketing buzzwords in our guide and are always here to answer your questions during the process. Every business owner or marketing professional started somewhere – we’ve all had that exact same thought at some point in our careers. That’s another reason we created this Marketing Plan Template for you.

We’ll also help define your

  • Market position, unique selling position, how your company is different from the competition, anticipated demand, pricing strategy, your value to the customer, growth potential, target market, key customers, craft buyer personas, and create a sales and marketing personnel table.

We’ll even help you write down your brand’s

  • Mission and vision statements, core values, brand position, brand purpose, brand personality, and brand story.

Now, keep in mind once you’ve taken the time to read through the guide and fill out the worksheet, your work isn’t finished. Your marketing plan is fluid. It will change and remain an ongoing process throughout the life of your business. To reach optimal success, your marketing plan will require regular review and evolution, as well as ensure your business and marketing plans are both aligned and headed in the right direction.

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