Michael and Zach Zakar are a pair of twins who turned their life story into a flourishing career as models, influencers, advocates, and now Off-Broadway stars. To make the most of their growing brand, they needed a website where they could promote their upcoming shows and host their online store.

Zakar Twins Logo

Our Challenge

To make the most of their growing brand – and to promote their upcoming tour – the Zakar Twins needed a website where they could encourage ticket sales and host their online store. As are most things in show business, this was an expedited project, with only 10 days from the client agreement to launch (with 4 of them being weekend days!). Our developers worked tirelessly, day and night, to make a functional, on-brand, informative website to drive users to an external ticket purchase site. Regardless of the extremely short turnaround, we still maintained our normal process from design all the way through launch, taking no shortcuts along the way.

Part of the challenge in designing this site was to create a website that amplified existing content without needing to generate excessive amounts of additional content due to time constraints. TM would need to both create content and design a site based around said content at the same time.

  • Follow through on the 10-day turnaround agreement.
  • Design a content-heavy site with little existing content.
  • Develop a lasting, memorable brand image.
  • Designed a comp to appease all involved parties.
  • Developed a fully-functioning site in only a few days.
  • Used layered imagery to amplify the interest of the design.

Our Solution

Working with the Zakar Twins through several design revisions, TM was able to put together a comp that pleased them, MP Present (the promoter), and the playwright of the show. Once a final design was agreed upon, we only had a few days to develop the site and create content.

Our development team worked diligently to put together a site quickly without compromising quality or functionality. As our developers worked to ensure the site matched the comp and had the same look and feel on desktop and mobile, our copywriting team was hard at work creating content that was on-brand and plentiful. This required our design team to use visual assets to fill a lot of space, along with our copywriters to create new content in line with the client’s brand.

The resulting website took the Zakar Twins brand to a new level and has been monumental in selling out their ongoing tour.

Custom Ticket Page

The overall goal of creating a website for the Zakar Twins brand was to drive users to an external ticket site for their upcoming tour. Because of this, TM put a lot of effort into designing the Get Tickets page to display show information, critic reviews, venue location, and, most importantly, an eye-catching layout for ticket links.

Quick Turnaround

In a typical show business fashion, TM was only given 10 days to put together the Zakar Twins site, for which there was no existing website. We were able to come together as an agency to ensure the project was completed on time and followed all of our regular processes, leaving no detail behind.

Content Creation

The Zakar Twins built their brand from the ground up, but didn’t have much content to support it yet. To improve their new site’s overall SEO and to make their brand feel more “whole,” TM put together branding standards for the Twins, purchased various stock images on their behalf, and wrote content that told their story in a concise yet professional and entertaining way.