Woody’s Traction

Woody’s Traction is a long-standing authority in the motorsports world. As a second-generation, family-owned business established in 1968, they are the top choice worldwide for motorsports accessory distributors, snowmobile and track manufacturers, off-road vehicles, racing champions, sportsmen, and snowmobilers who want the very best in traction performance and safety.

Woody's Traction logo

Our Challenge

Woody’s Traction searched for a local web development agency in Northern Michigan to rebuild their website but eventually sought out Trademark Productions here in Southeastern Michigan due to our quality of work and customer service. Within the build, they desired an innovative web solution that was easier to manage, relied more on their internal team for maintenance, and created a partnership with a development agency moving forward.

TM compiled a list of ideas and solutions to make their vision a reality, like incorporating contemporary design, testing user experience, and improving their product and hook-up guide integrations. With huge challenges come great rewards, and Woody’s accepted TM’s bid to build their sophisticated website.

  • Acquire important information upfront by conducting user experience testing
  • Develop an advanced, modern website with intuitive features
  • Create a compelling design to reel visitors into learning more
  • Bring experience-improving features to life within the new website
  • Performed UX testing to understand user behavior
  • Produced an innovative, on-brand design throughout the website
  • Integrated WooCommerce for a seamless ecommerce shopping experience
  • Hand-crafted and improved the Hook-Up Guide featuring interactive logic and a simple-to-use interface

Our Solution

This website was a massive build from the start, but we happily accepted the undertaking. Before designing the website, our creative team dove into user experience (UX) testing to better understand what Woody’s typical user was attempting to achieve within the existing website. This provided us with direction on how to better list and position navigational elements and calls-to-action, as well as how to better structure and relate information together. 

This WordPress website took on a high-quality design as we followed their brand book details, such as shadow treatments and text styles, to make it all cohesive. The home page and internal page banners also incorporate a unique style. We included text boxed in and added buttons beneath for additional calls-to-action. We also took quite a bit of time to structure the menu, so the information is laid out very intentionally and thoughtfully, along with providing images that give each item a visual identity.

Woody’s also requested an update to their Hook-Up Guide, so it remained consistent with the look and feel of the website rebuild. This guide serves as an essential tool for dealers and distributors to match the right studs and runners to their snowmobiles for trail and/or competition riding. The pressure was on our developers because if the Hook-Up Guide recommends the wrong parts for a snowmobile, it could easily put riders’ lives in danger. Perfecting the scripts and algorithms of this guide alone required hundreds of hours.

The Tech Tips section also provides critical safety information for riders that utilize Woody's parts. These guides present additional information so that a  rider can make the correct purchase and install the correct parts on their snowmobile. With individual PDF files, customers can download the specific information they need for each type of part that Woody’s offers.

TM also guided Woody’s along the path of migrating their existing ecommerce products over to WooCommerce, our ecommerce plugin of choice when working on the WordPress platform. Its intuitive, feature-packed capabilities allowed us to present their products properly and with plenty of relevant information.

All in all, the end product became a branded, cohesive display of Woody’s professionalism and product offerings - all while making sure to provide the right content and features their users were asking for. We work closely with Woody’s on maintenance-related tasks each month to continue evolving and growing their reach and brand.

UX Testing

TM‘s creative team recruited willing volunteer customers of Woody’s, such as professional and hobbyist riders and dealers within the network, to gather specific information about their experiences within the original Woody’s website. We wrote up a series of steps for each user to follow on the website, along with a few surveys, and took detailed notes on their behavior. After analyzing the data, we delivered an insightful report with solutions and heatmap recordings as evidence for what we should focus on during the design and build of the new website.

Hook-Up Traction Guide

The Hook-Up Traction Guide is one of the key elements of Woody’s website. As a matchmaker for your ideal snowmobile traction set up, Woody’s Hook-Up Traction Guide learns about its users’ vehicle and riding style to make personalized recommendations. Users can list their vehicle’s make, model, and year to gain suggestions for parts, like the number of studs their vehicle should have for the style of riding they are participating in.

Racing Portal

Another key piece of the website is Woody’s Racer Portal. Sponsored racers can submit their post-competition race information to Woody's to keep on file. In addition, each racer is displayed on the website with their image, race statistics, and other information. We harnessed the power of TM’s Team Member plugin to achieve this.