40-year wine veterans and industry consultants, Dean Champane and Dave Burzynski, started WineTime in 2018 as a testament to their dedication to help other businesses succeed and further educate their clientele.

WineTime Logo

Our Challenge

WineTime came to TM in need of a custom-designed website that would showcase the expertise and services they provide for the wine industry. It was important that they had blogging capabilities where they could post news, reviews, events, and other information, as well as photos of the day. They also wanted TM to set them up with an automated email campaign to send out new content updates to their subscriber list.

  • Develop and design a custom, content-focused website
  • Position the company as an industry expert
  • Implement a content-driven, automated email campaign
  • Photo of the Day Feature
  • Responsive design
  • A hub to share and update from

Our Solution

TM designed an all-new website for WineTime that focuses on delivering valuable information that is also visually appealing. The website positions WineTime’s owners as experts in the industry by giving them a professional and functional space to share their knowledge. It features an intuitive blog that is broken up into categories such as wine reviews, photos of the day, trivia questions, and several pages of services that the WineTime team offers to its visitors.

Beyond educating their audience, a secondary goal of the website is to drive interest to WineTime’s consultation and appraisal services. Lead-gen forms are included on each sub-service page to make it simple and straightforward for interested individuals to contact WineTime about the respective offering.

Intuitive Blog

WineTime's owners are leaders in the industry. Their website is a place for them to share their opinions and expertise, which is why TM gave them an easy-to-maintain, beautifully-designed blog where they can discuss everything related to wining and dining.

Photo of the Day

Not only did WineTime need a place to share written content, but they also wanted a place to easily post photos of where their wine adventures have taken them. TM built a custom widget that allows the owners of WineTime to easily upload photos on the go and have them be stunningly featured on their website.

Newsletter Integration

Once WineTime’s website was ready to go, they loved it so much that they wanted everyone they knew to know about it. TM made it easy to share updates and announcements through the website’s MailChimp integration, in addition automatically sending new content to those who are subscribed so that they are always in the loop.