Two Thirty Life

At Two Thirty Life, having spirit comes naturally. A leading photo printer with a passion for telling your cheer story, the founders of Two Thirty Life first fell in love with cheerleading after watching their niece compete at the All Star Cheerleading Championships. You could say that they caught the cheer bug… and the rest is history!

Our Challenge

Two Thirty Life required a cheerful (pun intended) website to tell the world about their printing capabilities. Users needed to be able to upload their photos, create posters, and receive their orders in a timely fashion so they too could show how much they love cheer!

Additionally, Two Thirty Life needed a branded Facebook page and Instagram account so they could continue to showcase their custom posters, magnets, and cheer competitions in real time.

  • Poster creation functionality
  • Cheerful website design with lots of glitter
  • Quick turnaround
  • Easy ordering functionality
  • Dedicated FAQ section
  • Great photo assets and glitter galore!

Our Solution

TM created a well-branded website that showcases some of the great cheerleaders Two Thirty Life has had the pleasure of working with. Their new Instagram and Facebook accounts were set up to match the design of the website, as well as keep their brand messaging and story consistent.

Functionality was created in order for users to choose desired poster colors, easily upload photos, sizes, and font. Two Thirty Life also offers custom photo door magnets, so users can now quickly upload their desired cheer photos and order the quantity of magnets they desire.

Shipping is paramount to Two Thirty Life's customers receiving orders at the right place, in a timely fashion, and in great condition for competition. We created a page that explains all the details of Shipping & Handling just for that purpose.

Overall, TM created a cheerful website that's exactly what Two Thirty Life needed. Now, the spirit of cheer and many more smiling faces will make their way across the country to cheer competitions everywhere!

Visually exciting design

TM utilized bright colors, big photos, and glitter as a staple within this design, in order to related to the target audience and get them excited to create their own custom posters and magnets.

Completely custom configurator

A custom product deserves a custom configurator, so TM hand-crafted a unique configuration experience. The customer can now tailor their product in real-time before purchasing.

Ease-of-editing implemented

Behind the scenes, TM ensured that our client was able to edit most every piece of content and imagery on the site, including galleries that exist on the bottom of each page.