Since 1986, The Bulk Store has been sweetening the lives of Michiganders and fellow candy lovers across the country. The steady growth of The Bulk Store brought them to TM with a need to craft a perfect online presence for orders coming in from coast to coast.

Bulk Store Logo

Our Challenge

The TM team was challenged to create a fun, bright website that’s conducive to online candy sales – no matter where orders are coming from.

Also in The Bulk Store’s repertoire are various baked goods, nuts, and trail mix.

Representing each category and selection in a visually appealing manner would be paramount to the success of The Bulk Store’s website.

  • Extremely colorful design
  • Organizing a large product inventory
  • Create a flowing user experience
  • Brilliant and colorful design
  • Created product search capabilities
  • Kept the navigation simple

Our Solution

TM built the new Bulk Store website using Magento and crafted an incredibly colorful and fun design, while keeping UX in mind.

Visitors now have the ability to sort goods by type, color, or even event!

New photos of products were taken in order to make each piece of candy, nut, or trail mix appear just as delicious online as they do in store!

Bright, Colorful Design

The vibrant colors used in the website's design visually represents the colorful and delicious products The Bulk Store sells both online and in-store.

Customized Search Options

Searching for products directly or through product categories enables each shopper to find the sweet treats they desire quickly and easily.

Aw, Nuts!

Feeling a little nutty? The Bulk Store's products are displayed simply so you can find what you're looking for in the blink of an eye.