Tequila Cabresto: Brand Book

Tequila Cabresto produces small-batch, high-quality, estate-grown tequila for tequila enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and craft cocktail specialists. They transform non-tequila drinkers into tequila lovers by educating them on the process, taste, and quality all while building a legacy to honor their culture and heritage.

Our Challenge

Tequila Cabresto approached TM to help with the consistency of their company’s branding. While Cabresto had a website, sell sheets, and other advertising material, there wasn't a place with proper guidelines of their brand’s colors, logo usage, story, text, and other elements.

From here, we made sure to give the brand not only a light visual refresh but pulled everything together to make it cohesive and consistent.

  • Solidify Tequila Cabresto’s branding
  • Make information stand out and elements cohesive
  • Place the branding elements in one marketing guide for viewing
  • Created the brand book to showcase the branding of Tequila Cabresto
  • Implemented their design aesthetic, including defining their color palette and establishing consistent motifs
  • Provided production-ready assets for usage both internally and externally with their customers

Our Solution

To start, our creative team began to layout the design for the brand guidelines (or what we call a “brand book”). We knew we wanted to keep the same general feel and look but modernize it to feel fresh and current, as well as a little more refined so they could begin to bridge into the higher-end market. We took a special focus on defining their color palette that radiates around their primary deep gold, supporting product colors, and sepia tones, as well as the palettes of the individual bottle branding. 

As the purpose of the brand book is to pull together cohesive brand elements, we also needed to highlight the brand’s products. We used textures and motifs pulled from the bottle labels throughout the book to make the guidelines as a whole tie in directly with their bottle branding, including some of their colors and design elements, such as the flourishes and linework. 

The top-notch photo assets provided by the client truly brought the book. It showcases the highlands in Jalisco, Mexico, including their agave farm, family-owned tire shop, and more detailed shots of the family business.

Once the design elements were solidified, we worked on creating the brand book to cover their brand story, tone, mission statement, values, and vision, as well as the logo, colors, typography, and print collateral. Our creative and marketing teams worked together to polish off any remaining content.

The brand book is now available digitally and in print format for Tequila Cabresto to distribute to their vendors and anyone else who may be representing their brand. We’re proud to showcase the importance of this family-owned tequila business in a way that not only reflects the professionalism and refinement of the business but also exudes the feeling of a hard-working family who cares deeply about their craft.

Engaging Layout Design

We took special care to craft unique page layouts, while still making them feel a part of the same brand. Following a defined grid system allowed for designs to vary quite a bit and feel fresh as you work your way through the book. We also decided to do a full spread for each section title to display some of their landmark brand photography in sepia.

Font Selection

During this brand exploration, we also had the opportunity to choose new brand fonts. Through careful consideration, we found a font pairing that felt modern, yet refined. They have a balance of small caps serif for a refined aesthetic for the headings and an easy to read sans serif for the body font.

Rich Colors

Along with their product branding colors, we incorporated their warm, gold-brown color palette, including sepia-toned images, throughout their brand book. This palette is used across the branding for the logo, flourishes, and headings. It expresses the richness of the products, the land they grow the agave on, and the wealth of knowledge passed through the generations of their family-run business.