Speech Therapy Plans

Speech Therapy Plans (STP) provides fun solutions for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and engages their students with personalized, comprehensive speech therapy lessons and materials. STP’s pre-selected materials and plans help students and therapists reclaim their nights, weekends, and time with family.

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Our Challenge

Before coming to TM, STP was unhappy with its then-current website and agency. The incomplete website lacked simple functionality and had poorly written code from an offshore company, which created a multitude of bugs and issues. They wanted a web development agency that had the bandwidth and staff to complete the needs and demands of their endeavors.

For instance, the website’s code was extremely fragile – once an issue would be “fixed,” something else on the site would break. Additionally, we found issues with the way some plugins worked with the website. Certain plugins seemed to avoid leaning on core WordPress functionality, so it made the most basic tasks more complicated than they needed to be.

  • An incomplete project passed down
  • Poor, fragile website code
  • Major functionality issues
  • Migrated the website to a dedicated HIPAA-compliant server
  • Enhanced the website's design interface
  • Continued ongoing maintenance to improve the integrity of the website

Our Solution

To start, TM migrated STP’s existing website to a dedicated server for HIPAA compliance to protect the personal information stored on the site. Then, we created a development testing environment to get to the root of the problems with the site itself. From here, our developers spent time refactoring the website code to ensure it worked properly and eliminated as many existing bugs as possible.

We also focused our efforts on enhancing a very key area of the website - the custom, pre-made plans section. This is where therapists can view and download hundreds of pre-selected materials and plans for therapy sessions. Likewise, we added a tutorial section for all subscribers to learn how to fully use all the features included within their subscription membership. Our design team stepped in to enhance the look and feel of the STP website’s interface. For the plan pricing page, we created a visual chart to compare each of the features of the plans that STP offered to therapists.

Since we’ve launched their new website, we transferred nearly 1,000 existing customers and their subscriptions from her old website to the new, which allows them access to blog posts. Notably, STP has become one of our most dedicated monthly maintenance clients, where we keep a close eye on their website, conduct performance tests, and enhance any elements to help them to continue to reach their goals. 

Appealing Design Updates

TM made design changes to the administrative and membership interfaces to improve brand continuity and inclusion for all students and therapists. Focusing on large fonts and bright colors, we concentrated on the big picture - enticing visitors to explore the website and sign up for a subscription plan.

Improved Therapist Dashboard

STP’s therapist dashboard focuses on the key offerings for subscribed therapists, so they understand what is available to them. The library of pre-made plans and materials features a wide range of weekly lessons and games for students. Plans and lessons are easily available for download. Visitors can also filter the information they would like by certain criteria, including category, themes, skills, and grade level.

Speech Therapy Session Tracking

Subscribed therapists’ dashboards now include an extended basic calendar functionality. The improved speech therapy session tracker allows therapists to create one-time or recurring sessions for individuals, groups, or a custom setup, select their materials, and add optional notes before saving. Subscribers can easily create, modify, or delete events with a few simple clicks.