Special D Events

Founded in 1992 and woman-owned, Special D Events works hard to be the premier provider of meeting and event planning services for mid to large businesses and non-profit organizations nationwide.

Our Challenge

Special D Events came to TM in the midst of a rebrand.

Hoping to reinvigorate their web presence, Special D needed a fresh site redesign to match the company’s vibrant personality and enthusiasm towards event planning.

  • Create a colorful website
  • Keep the design simple
  • Showcase Special D's Event capabilities
  • Created a bright design
  • Gathered inspiration from the Special D logo
  • Utilized beautiful portfolio photographs

Our Solution

TM’s mission was to convey Special D Events’ enthusiasm, experience, and unique skill set with an upbeat and playful design.

Inspired by the colors in their logo, we pulled in those elements and applied it to the design of the site. Weaving bright colors throughout allowed us to create a user experience (UX) full of personality.

Most importantly, we displayed Special D Events' many talents and capabilities by featuring various portfolio photographs throughout the site.

Clean, Modern Design

Keeping the design simple, yet colorful created a great homepage experience that showcases Special D Events' services and work.

Customized Volunteer Board

Easy to use and easy to interact with, the customized volunteer board was exactly what Special D wanted.

Visual Case Study Setup

To showcase their many capabilities, we set up case studies visually, in order to tell even more of their story.