Spalding DeDecker

Spalding DeDecker is a consulting, engineering, and surveying firm specializing in infrastructure, land development, and transportation. Offering a diverse portfolio of engineering and surveying services, Spalding DeDecker’s expertise and technological knowledge helps them meet the needs of municipal, land development, transportation, and water/wastewater projects.


Our Challenge

Spalding DeDecker came to TM with a goal to "wow their audience" through a new, modern website. This vision, at the time, was something completely uncommon in their industry.

Just as Spalding DeDecker had done time and time before, they would be breaking new ground... it just so happened that this time, it would be online.

Spalding DeDecker has a massive portfolio of past projects and information. Each project needed to be showcased in a visually appealing way, while telling the story of its challenges and the company's abilities. With so much content, it was important for TM to create a very distinct and easy-to-navigate menu.

  • Create a vibrant website design
  • Showcase their portfolio in an organized manner
  • Aid in the copywriting process
  • Designed with sharp angles & bold colors
  • Customized an organized project gallery
  • Wrote exhaustive portfolio pieces to highlight company capabilities

Our Solution

To bring the vision to life, TM went bold with the design of Spalding DeDecker's website to make a statement right from the homepage. Focusing on angles and sharp, heavy cuts, we were able to bring an architectural feel to the entire layout.

To distinguish Spalding DeDecker’s exhaustive project history, we developed a gallery to allow all projects to be filtered by market, expertise, location or date.

Through impactful sign design and clean project page structure, the new Spalding DeDecker website presents a vast amount of content in a powerful way.

Intuitive and Visual Project Gallery

Filter by Market, Expertise, Location or Project Date to find projects easily and in an organized fashion.

Unique Design Showcasing Cutting Edge Mentality

Spalding DeDecker is always breaking new ground... it just so happened that this time, it was online.

Relationships for All

Relationships were constructed to interconnect areas of expertise, markets, and projects to showcase which areas of expertise are related to which markets, and which projects were done in each area.