Shed Liquidators creates low cost turnkey solutions for all of your outdoor storage needs. Each shed has side engineered, pre-primed wood siding for easy painting and superior paint adhesion – they even offer professional onsite shed installation!

Our Challenge

In order for Shed Liquidators to sell installed sheds at a discounted price, while also handling any returns in the most efficient way possible, they knew required a special e-commerce website for their products.

With a large selection of products, nationwide locations, and inventory tracking needs, this was proving to be a fun project for us. TM would need to build custom software to accommodate all of Shed Liquidators needs - one of our favorite things to do!

Shed Liquidators also needed help with their SEO strategy to raise recognition for their product and encourage customer purchases within a designated radius around their outlet centers.

  • Create a new SEO strategy
  • Build an easy-to-use customer experience
  • Organize and showcase products in an organized & aesthetic way
  • Established the Shed Liquidators brand
  • Build customized cart software
  • Created & implemented a new SEO strategy

Our Solution

TM specially customized Shed Liquidators’ cart software to handle their products, nationwide locations, and inventory tracking needs. We also developed a Content Management System (CMS) to contribute to the future growth of the site by adding pages and resources.

By working closely with Shed Liquidators’ marketing team TM helped to establish a brand, ensured a professional SEO job was complete, and jumpstarted their marketing initiatives.

Product Branding

Brand is important for the most commonly-entered page of the site - the homepage. So creating an easy-to-enter, clear-cut experience that represented who Shed Liquidators is was important.

Your Shed. Your Way.

Showcasing the different shed sizes, colors and styles was of utmost importance. The ability to highlight sales was an additional must.

Product Ordering

Shed Liquidators wanted to make sure the interface to view their products was easy to understand and use - so we made it happen!