Safety Controls

Safety Controls is the leading source for quality American-made safety products for worksites. As the only official online distributor of Conveyor Components Company Products, Safety Controls continuously strives to add more products for worksite safety equipment.

Safety Controls logo | A part of the Cotterman Company

Our Challenge

One of our long-standing clients, Cotterman Company, has a multitude of brands, specializing in specific products or parts. The Cotterman team wanted to create a separate brand for their safety parts to distinguish themselves in the industry. 

Safety Controls did not have a website prior to this, and we wanted to build the website to have a very similar look and feel to Cotterman’s own ecommerce website to remain with the brand identity for Cotterman Company. We also had to consider the user experience and adding functionality to add more products as the offerings expanded.

  • Establish a new website for Safety Controls to develop its own brand identity
  • Create a design to distinguish from Cotterman company but still maintain its brand identity
  • Incorporate functionality for multiple products to add new products
  • Built a website on-brand with its parent company, Cotterman Company
  • Integrated eCommerce functionality to sell products online
  • Imported necessary products and parts for purchase

Our Solution

TM constructed the Safety Controls website on the WordPress platform,  utilizing WooCommerce for ecommerce. Two product categories included on the website are safety gates and conveyor safety parts. This product-forward website allows interested consumers to learn about their safety gate products and purchase them when they find the right one for their needs. With each product, consumers can view its description, additional product information, and reviews. 

Along with the descriptive information, consumers can use the live chat feature to gain more insights into the products and the company itself.

eCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is our agency’s number one choice software for ecommerce and by far the best option for ecommerce on WordPress websites. Thanks to a customer-focused administration area, Safety Controls can add other products as needed.

Chatbot Plugin

With all of the Cotterman websites we’ve built, we installed a popular chatbot software to better serve their customers. Live representatives are able to directly answer any questions and concerns website visitors may have while shopping on Safety Controls’ website.

Fundraising Feature

We integrated the ability to show Safety Controls’ fundraising efforts. A portion of all product sales will go towards Operation Support Our Troops - America. It’s also visible on the product pages and within the top menu navigation bar.