RAD Conversion Specialists

RAD Conversion Specialists, LLC provides quality, affordable housing options to low and middle-income residents through the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. Positively contributing to their communities, they also assist Public Housing Agencies to ensure success for each of their communities.

Our Challenge

RAD Conversion Specialists approached TM for help with a refresh on their then-current website. They wanted a new look that better reflected their expertise and professionalism, including adding in a method to display a video demonstration of their work on their new homepage. 

Additionally, they were looking for assistance with optimizing their employees’ LinkedIn profiles, taking professional headshots, and crafting a video template that could be used for future videos that they released.

  • Provide a website refresh with a cutting-edge and professional design
  • Present content in a digestible format
  • Assist with social and video branding
  • Add further enhancements to make their brand cohesive online
  • Established a modern look and feel for the website
  • Installed two TM-crafted plugins for functionality enhancements
  • Concentrated on improving their online brand image and making it consistent

Our Solution

Providing an online refresh with a modern feel and look, the new RAD Conversion Specialists’ website met the client’s needs and demands for their users to find exactly the information they needed. The website now features a cutting edge, yet comfortable design for users to focus and learn about their culture and capabilities.

Other features TM made sure to include are clear menu navigation, engaging visuals, and digestible content. Clear navigation ensures a great user experience for those looking for specific content on the website. The homepage video banner shows the behind-the-scenes action of the company.

Digestible content was important to focus on because of how intricate public housing and the RAD program is - the content needed to be easy to read and understand within a short timeframe.

In addition to the main website build, we factored in the additional investments to make all their online elements cohesive. Our design and marketing teams photographed headshots for 7 employees’ LinkedIn pages. Additionally, we optimize each profile by adding missing content, formatting the overall profile, and configuring their individual profile settings to ensure optimal visibility exists. 

Our design team also created a YouTube video template to assist in quickly creating new videos. The five-second intro and 10-second outro videos help to keep the company’s branding as the focus, no matter what topic they want to cover.

Homepage Video Banner

TM constructed editable fields within the admin area that allow the RAD Conversion Specialists’ team to upload, set, and modify an optimized video to play on the front-facing website. Video stands out when users visit the website, and it can be harnessed in a multitude of styles, such as time-lapses, behind-the-scenes, or culture-based videos to show the values of the company itself.

Project Portfolio Plugin

Our TM-crafted Portfolio Plugin allows RAD Conversion Specialists to create project portfolio pages in a simple and intuitive fashion. The plugin handles all of the heavy lifting, so their team does not need to know any code in order to add, edit, or remove projects from the portfolio gallery.

Custom Content Fields

TM also created custom metaboxes for each Project page. These custom fields allow their team to insert content that is specific to each project via a graphical user interface. Information, such as project location, before and after photos, and other related project documents, can easily be added without the need to write a single line of code.