Planning Alternatives

Planning Alternatives is a Financial Wealth Management company offering financial planning, portfolio management, and retirement plans designed to provide peace of mind. The Planning Alternatives team is comprised of experienced professionals that actively look out for their clients best interests, a sentiment that was very clear as TM began to work closely with their team.

Our Challenge

In the midst of joining forces with another great company in their sector, Planning Alternatives needed a new website that properly reflected the strength and scope of their organization.

A new design was required that would match not only the design of their brand, but the proper brand messaging and values of the company, as well.

Planning Alternatives had a lot on the line and a short amount of time to get it done!

  • Working on a stringent timeline
  • Complete website redesign
  • Communicate the Planning Alternatives vision and values
  • Designed & built a brand new website
  • Trained Planning Alternatives how to use their new CMS
  • Completed a brand messaging exercise

Our Solution

TM designed and built a new custom website for Planning Alternatives on a powerful Content Management System (CMS) so they’d be able to easily edit content, write blog posts, and make changes to their website whenever they needed. We went into overdrive on this project and quickly turned around an amazing website to meet their strict deadline.

After their website project was complete, Planning Alternatives brought TM back for a brand messaging exercise. Through a series of meetings and discovery meetings, we were able to successfully pull out the essence of Planning Alternatives and craft marketing messaging they’ll be able to use for years to come.

Serene Design

Planning Alternatives wanted to create a calm and serene experience for their website visitors, one more way to help them feel comfortable.

Brand Messaging

Talking about finances is no easy topic. That's why Planning Alternatives wanted to ensure they communicated the right messages in the right way.

Team Representation

Planning Alternatives wanted to represent their team in an easy-to-read and access way so people would have no trouble getting to know who they are and how they're here to help.