NDL Keg is a high-quality, custom manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel containers for brewing and beverage companies located throughout the world. Their warehouses are strategically located in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, allowing them to quickly respond and deliver containers to meet customer needs.

NDL Keg Logo

Our Challenge

NDL Keg asked TM to develop and design a custom website that would make their customers’ quoting process simpler and more user-friendly. They had several unique features they needed for their website, including a detailed, logic-based form, as well as an updated brand that they needed the new website to reflect. They also wanted to ensure that page speed and user experience were heavy focal points. TM was up for the challenge.

  • Develop and design a custom website
  • Improve user experience
  • Make the quoting process simple and intuitive
  • Energetic website design
  • Revised, simple menu structures
  • Fast website speed with low page weights

Our Solution

TM designed an all-new website for NDL Keg that prioritizes excellent user experience and intuitive design. The website displays all of NDL Keg’s product configurations in a simplified way that users can understand. With a simple menu structure, all users, including mobile, can get to the right page in only two clicks.

The website also includes a blog and a custom-built Request A Quote form. Overall, this website makes the quoting process easier for NDL Keg and makes it easier for their customers to find what they need.

Request A Quote Form

NDL Keg didn’t want just any Request A Quote form, they needed something more personalized and intuitive for their products. TM custom-built a Request A Quote form for NDL Keg that uses unique logic and embedded forms to enhance the user experience for their customers by making complicated bulk orders as easy as click-click-click.

Custom Product Plugin

NDL Keg’s products are highly customizable, which made ordering from them a chore. Not anymore! With TM’s custom product plugin, all product configurations are displayed in a user-friendly way, so customers can visualize their final product with ease.

Rotating Image

Part of the what brings the NDL Keg website design to life is the rotating graphic that displays in the background of different pages. This dynamic design piece adds energy to the overall look of the NDL Keg website and ties together the beautiful design elements and intuitive user experience of the build.