MS Impact Detroit

Backed by Wayne State University’s Department of Neurology, MS Impact Detroit is an educational and empowerment website designed to help educate and reach out to the African American community in Detroit affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

Our Challenge

The sole purpose of the MS Impact Detroit website is to educate and inform. The website needed to demand attention, while still remaining warm and inviting. Also, it needed to incorporate interactive surveys, fun quizzes, and bold CTA’s for engagement.

  • Build an online resource for African Americans with MS
  • Organize content in an easy-to-read way with fun quizzes throughout
  • Create an inviting design that would make visitors comfortable
  • Built a fully interactive website with a multitude of information about MS
  • Created an eye-popping design with rustic orange and warm blue hues
  • Crafted strategic CTA's to keep visitors engaged in the website

Our Solution

TM built an interactive website that garners attention with bold colors, eye-popping text, and contrasting elements in rustic orange and warm blue hues.

The wide variety of CTA’s encourage visitors to learn, ask questions, participate in surveys, and take colorful, interactive quizzes. A Knowledge Center, the key component of the website, includes four sections in which users can learn and explore:

  • Neurology Center 101
  • MS 101
  • MRI
  • African American MS

We are honored to have been chosen by Wayne State University to build this website and are happy that it will continue to be an educational resource and support tool in the future.

Modern, User-Friendly Design

Learn, ask questions, participate in surveys, and take colorful, interactive quizzes.

Intuitive Knowledge Center

Visitors can explore information about neurology, MS, MRI's, and MS in African Americans.

Built-In Quiz and Survey Setup

Learning in an interactive manner makes information about MS a little easier to digest and remember.