Mid South Contractors

Founded in 1991 as Mid South Electrical Ltd., the company initially focused on automotive equipment and conveyor installations along with electrical service work. In 1995, Mid South became a subsidiary of Detroit-based electrical contractor, Motor City Electric Co., and the company name was modified to Mid South Contractors ULC.

Mid South Contractors Logo

Our Challenge

Mid South Contractors’ parent company, Motor City Electric, asked TM to rebuild all of their subsidiaries’ websites. The Mid South website was to follow the branding and design of the MCE website. TM needed to develop a website that could be easily used on smartphones and tablets, not only desktops. The site also had to be optimized for search engines so that Mid South’s customers could easily find them online.

  • Develop and design a website following the style of the MCE website
  • Optimize for search engines to make Mid South visible online
  • Ensure that user experience was at its best
  • Ensured the website is responsive on all devices
  • Included custom TM Project Gallery and Job Posting plugins
  • Invested several hours of employee website training

Our Solution

TM designed and developed Mid South’s website based on the website of its parent company, Motor City Electric. The site includes many of the same features and plugins, including our TM Project Gallery plugin, TM Job Posting plugin, and overall look and feel.

The beautiful new website includes 15 custom-designed pages, intuitive website contact forms, and advanced security features. We also trained Mid South on how to use their new website to allow them to have full control of their new asset.

Custom Project Gallery

The TM Project Gallery WordPress plugin generates a project grid listing after adding current or past projects. It shows the individual project listings complete with descriptions and a photo gallery. Customers can search exact projects by service area or company subsidiary.

Professional Content Review

Mid South already had website content written and prepared prior to the build being finished, but trusted TM’s professional copywriters to review their content and make sure it was in perfect condition before publishing it live.

Crafted Job Posting Plugin

To simplify the job hiring process, TM implemented the TM Job Posting WordPress plugin that we used for Mid South’s parent company, Motor City Electric. This makes it easy to create job postings and automatically sends job notifications when applicants apply for positions listed. The data is emailed directly to the client and stored in a database of submissions.