Material Control, Inc.

Material Control, Inc. (MATCO) is a leading manufacturer of conveyor controls and conveyor accessories in Croswell, Michigan. Proud to supply products needed to assist businesses, they will keep your conveyor moving.

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Our Challenge

MATCO is a subsidiary company of Cotterman Company, which has been a long-standing client with TM. Over time, Cotterman has worked with us to rebuild or construct new websites for each of their subsidiaries. The goal for MATCO’s new website was to upgrade their visual presence and eliminate the unpleasant functionality and clunkiness.

Our biggest challenge involved laying out the specifics of their products’ pricing table in a clear, user-friendly way. All product information, including PDF and brochure files, needed to be accessible and easy-to-find, but there wasn’t any software installed on the then-current website to support it.

  • Provide a design refresh
  • Upgrade their previous website with better navigation
  • Layout product specifications in a clear, concise format
  • Designed a fresh, modern design to house their new content
  • Fleshed out and displayed product details in a clear-cut manner
  • Included the catalog and manuals for downloads

Our Solution

We built MATCO’s website on WordPress to fully flesh out their product section and incorporate a new look that went along with their modern approach to business. Each product page includes downloadable PDFs that provide a description, technical specifications, and pricing chart for each product model and its accessories. Website visitors have the ability to learn detailed information about each product. Visitors can also request a quote directly from MATCO.

Their product catalog and installation manuals are also listed on the website as being available to download - a new feature that was not available on their previous website. 

Get a Quote Request

The website offers a simple form for visitors to fill out to inquire about a product that they want. With multiple styles and sizes of products, MATCO takes the guesswork out of choosing the product the customer needs.

Defined Brand Image

We wanted to ensure MATCO’s brand image was clearly visible within their new website build, as well as look fresh and professional. Simple, minimal design and negative space reigned supreme, allowing the photographs and product information to do the talking.

Downloadable Files

Website visitors are now able to visit MATCO’s website and download specific information regarding the products they offer.