Originated in 1950, Master Pneumatic Inc. (M/P) is a worldwide manufacturing and service supplier organization to serve the requirements of the various multinational automotive companies and products into the market.

Our Challenge

M/P asked TM to create a custom-design ecommerce website for a stronger foundation and online marketing ability. Our biggest challenge was creating a part number generator, which generates millions of possible parts. Additionally, TM had to create a way for users to configure these products based on the attributes in the system. This includes modules displaying the estimated ship date, the locate distributors and change pricing based on the type of customer.

  • Develop a custom design and powerful ecommerce website
  • Establish a framework for custom products
  • Create personalized display modules
  • Millions of product configurations generated easily
  • Great user experience
  • Framework for future expansion
  • Custom pricing automatically applied

Our Solution

TM developed M/P’s custom website based on the Magneto 2 platform. We enhanced their previous website’s functionality by creating all new functions and features to give a revolutionary ecommerce website.

With thousands of parts and millions of configurations, it seemed impossible to use simple product pages to display every possible product configuration on the website. TM's developers created a module for customers to receive an auto-generated part number based on the configurations chosen. This makes finding the right part out of millions a great user experience and intuitive.

Product Configurator

TM developed a two-part custom product type to generate millions of possible parts available. We made it easy for M/P to generate any part their customer needed.

Distributor Modules

M/P required modules specifically for their distributor and pricing needs. The Distributor Locator mimics the functionality of the locator on their previous website. Visitors are able to find a distributor near them with this map feature. The pricing module allows M/P to set various price markups for retail customers and distributors.

Lead Time Module

TM created a custom module to display the estimated ship date in the shopping cart, checkout, order invoices, and product pages. This module calculates back on the Lead Time attribute, which is an integer representing the lead time in days, on the Part Number product. The lead time adds to the current date to get the estimated shipping date.