At KidzArt, students, ages two through adult, have FUN, learn to draw, and experience creativity building exercises. Offered at schools and other community locations, their mobile program is complemented with challenging 3D projects, new and varied art mediums, and a unique multicultural curriculum.

Our Challenge

KidzArt came to TM in hopes of a much-needed upgrade from their outdated site. They wanted a website that made users feel like they’ve been transported directly into one of their art studios, while still maintaining professionalism and top-notch aesthetic qualities.

It was imperative that their new website also offered users unique experiences based on their location. KidzArt offers courses in six countries, so the site needed to be easily translated into different languages. Their franchise locations also offer different courses (and even go by various brand names), so franchise page content and design needed to be dynamic based on these factors.

On top of everything, the website needed to be easily manageable by the KidzArt corporate team – allowing them access to control and customize different areas of the website without excessive code knowledge.

  • Create an interactive site that mimics the artistic experience of their courses
  • Allow franchise page content to be completely customized
  • Include large visual elements that add to, rather than distract from, the page content
  • Created an animation-heavy site to work with all device sizes
  • Included permission-based editing that allows franchises to alter their own page content without having access to corporate or other franchise pages
  • Added interactive easter eggs to liven up the user experience and replicate the feel of KidzArt studios, including an real-time paint canvas

Our Solution

The new and improved KidzArt website needed to be as creative and artistic as the company itself. We opted to make the design feel like a living art studio, where seeing paint splattered on a table and crayons scattered about would be commonplace. Rather than using conventional background elements, we took these elements and integrated them into the site design to be a true experiential reflection of the business, which is what the client really wanted to convey to their customers.

Since KidzArt is a global brand, it needed more than just a cohesive design to wow the client. Beyond adding a translation feature to the site, we added an interactive map feature that filters locations based on the region you are searching in. KidzArt branding also differs across locations, so we included a checkbox on the franchisee interface that asks whether their location is a KidzArt franchise or an Art Innovators franchise. Based on the franchisee’s answer, the correct logo and branding are displayed.

Engaging User Experience

KidzArt wanted to give users an experience similar to being in one of their studios. By including assets that animate into the view based on where the user is scrolling in, a custom loading page spinner, and even a functioning drawing board in the footer, we were able to set KidzArt apart from their competitors in a fun, on-brand way throughout the site.

Franchise Pages

With franchise locations around the globe, each location needed its own set of content-specific pages with a similar look and feel. Program offerings vary by location, so each franchise needs the ability to pick and choose what programs they offer, as well as the description for each.

Interactive Map

To help users find the KidzArt location nearest to them, we created an interactive location map to display the franchise locations across the globe. This map has the functionality to filter based on region (the United States or internationally) and indicates when the United States is selected.