Kid’s Creations is the leading manufacturer of premium wood swing sets in the United States, devoting itself to quality without sacrificing value or safety. They sell their product in many big brand stores, including Home Depot and Lowe’s.

The Challenge

The original Kid’s Creations website lacked proper presentation and was cumbersome to navigate. What Kid’s Creations needed was a redesigned and rebuilt website that not only properly showcased its world-class swing sets, but one that put the user experience (UX) front and center. Kid’s Creations also needed swing set design functionality, making it possible for customers to design and customize their swing sets directly on the Kid’s Creations website.

Kid's Creations

The Solution

TM has enjoyed a long-lasting relationship with Kid’s Creations. Since the first iteration of the Kids Creations website, the most recent website design launched in 2016 with more natural hues, but still keeping the playful fonts and featured product imagery. TM created a user-friendly, enjoyable, and fun experience for the e-commerce shopper.

The newest redesign also included an improvement for the customer’s mobile experience. TM took responsive coding down to a granular level in order to provide the optimal viewing experience on any device, of any size. This new design provides great calls-to-action, information about sales, and an easy-to-use interface and sales path that ensures the visitor has access to everything they need on the site without difficulty.

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