K9 Heights Dog Training

K9 Heights Dog Training is one of Metro Detroit’s premier dog training facilities. They believe that having a great relationship with your dog is just as important as the commands they learn. While training, dog owners bond with their pets and both owner and fur baby are taught how to create the right kind of structure that will lead to happier, fuller lives.

K9 Heights

Our Challenge

K9 Heights Dog Training came to TM in need of a fresh website- one that would be fun, inviting, and user friendly. Since K9 Heights has many dog training capabilities and qualifications, their new website would need to house a good amount of content, and it would need to be presented to visitors in a logical, easy-to-navigate manner.

Since we frequently bring our own fur babies to work at TM, we connected with this project on a furry level and were very excited to start the build.

  • Good content organization & breakup
  • Great user experience & fun design
  • Lots of photos showcasing furry friends
  • Assisted with website copywriting
  • Integrated social profiles
  • Created a seamless user experience

Our Solution

Each website represents needs to represent a business' brand, capabilities, and bring new customers in. So, even though our friends K9 Heights weren't familiar with web development or design, we were able to walk them through each step of the process and answer every question they had along the way.

The client provided content for each of their program offerings, from their Board & Train Program to Aggressive Dog Training & Rehabilitation, and the TM copywriting team dove into editing mode. We also organized content in a logical manner, which helped to enhance the overall user experience and create an easy, logical path for visitors to follow.

We made sure to integrate their social profiles, as well as craft clear CTA's across every page. Including video as well as cute fur baby photos was paramount in showing visitors the kind of care that K9 Heights gives to each dog and family they work with.

The end product is a well-branded product that helps bring pet owners and dogs one step closer to living in complete harmony.

View the K9 Heights Website

Modern, fresh design

We included large text, and big visuals to headline this design, making sure that it hits home with current audiences and is impactful as possible.

Visual, easily-digestible content

Close attention was paid to the user experience on every page. By utilizing color, space, and contrast, we've aimed to keep the visitor's attention and interest on the content as a whole

Designed with all screen sizes in mind

From the first step of the website design process, we planned and created the design for this site around the mobile phone experience in order to ensure that visitors would get the same feeling and information no matter what device they were visiting on.