John E. Green: Branding Elements

John E. Green Company (JEG) is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated mechanical contractor company. As a national leader in the fabrication and installation of plumbing, HVAC, process piping, and fire protection systems, JEG specializes in design-build solutions and 24/7 emergency service.

John E Green logo

Our Challenge

JEG has been a client with TM for years. We built their existing website, but this time they approached us to help enhance their company’s overall branding since they had one real brand color, leaving their advertising and sell sheets feeling bland. 

They were looking to create a cohesive brand book detailing branding items, such as fonts, color palette, and logo usage. Additionally, they wanted to change how they sent out proposals and bid responses that presented the company to potential clients and partners, including social media platforms. 

After gaining these insights from JEG, TM was able to create a proposal and scope of work detailing out what we wanted to accomplish and why.

  • Create a cohesive and consistent branding design for company proposals and documents
  • Expand their existing color palette and create a brand book to solidify brand guidelines
  • Optimize the company’s social media profiles and employee’s LinkedIn profiles
  • Expounded on branding features for JEG
  • Created a brand style guide to showcase their branding do’s and don’ts
  • Developed consistent branding documents to increase projects
  • Optimized social media platforms and policy for employees

Our Solution

We did an overhaul and refined almost all aspects of JEG’s brand communications. This was a great tag team effort by both our marketing and design teams, collaborating to define the refreshed brand elements and optimizing their social media presence. We created a brand style guide,  set up a new proposal software with branded templates, took headshots of upper-level management, and freshened up employee' LinkedIn profiles.

John E Green also signed on for monthly maintenance with us, so we can continue to make these improvements as new ideas arise.



Employee Headshots

Our marketing and creative teams collaborated with JEG to take professional headshots for their employee LinkedIn pages. Over 30 employees requested new headshots for their profiles to bring a sense of cohesiveness and clarity for their employer. This was a key in creating a consistent look across the company on LinkedIn that bolsters their professionalism.

LinkedIn Optimization

JEG’s main mission with this branding endeavor is to bring in new business and customers. To make that happen, they wanted to optimize their employees’ LinkedIn profiles. Professionalism, clarity, and cohesiveness were the driving factors to optimize their pages.

Content Creation

Content is king online. It’s imperative to create and maintain current content to keep SEO rankings high and attract new and returning visitors to JEG’s website to learn more. We were able to find content ideas and build upon written content through keyword research and analytics. 

Expanded Branding

When we first created the website, there was one base color used - the original JEG green. The website also included a small amount of black and red, which was only used for their emergency service button. JEG was not a fan of the color combination, so our creative department created a variety of color palettes for JEG to choose from.  Once narrowed down and finalized, we relied on different shades of green to complement their original, primary green. We also incorporated some cooler greys to fit into the color scheme that provides more neutral and dark tones that the brand was lacking initially - we even branded them with cool names!

Brand Style Guide

After expanding and defining their brand color palette, we took inspiration from the existing site to build out their brand book. Our creative department chose to use some of the site’s diagonals and pulled them into the brand book to make them feel akin to each other, and to let anyone know that may touch JEG’s branding in the future, they are on-brand.  The brand book was pretty extensive. It covered everything from logo usage, company color palette, and font usage to their mission statement, brand story, photography guidelines, and web elements. We utilized a grid in this layout to make everything feel structured, which was an appropriate choice for this brand since they are very clean and straightforward, which we wanted to be reflected through every design element in the book - even the layout itself.

Proposal Software Set-Up

Next, we built out a design template for them to create branded proposals on third-party software. We also went through and created pages to mimic their proposal process, utilizing their new color palette to create brand cohesion. 

Monthly Maintenance

Our team is proactive in helping JEG make changes to their website while giving recommendations to improve their online presence. Together, we chose important tasks to tackle each month. Any task not handled that month is moved to the next, where it becomes a higher priority to complete.

Social Media Policy

The social media policy creates boundaries for what JEG employees’ should and should not do regarding using social media while on company time. With the JEG Social Media Policy, we created a document detailing information for their employees to have on-hand and for their records.

Social Media Optimization

Lastly, JEG signed on for monthly social media management of their social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our marketing team brainstormed content ideas in alignment with their solidified branding to drive traffic from social media platforms to their website. In addition to content ideas and creation, we also posted and managed the platforms. This allowed us to interact with JEG’s followers and get them the information they need.