Jay Dee Contractors

Jay Dee Contractors designs, restores, and completes massive underground tunneling, pipeline and sewer system projects.

Our Challenge

A team of engineers dedicated to pioneering new projects and never backing down from a challenge, Jay Dee Contractors presented TM with a challenge of our own.

Jay Dee’s website needed to function in a variety of ways: acting as an online representation of the company as a whole, a showcase of Jay Dee’s capabilities, as well as a place where job candidates can research career opportunities.

  • Build and design an accurate online representation of the Jay Dee brand
  • Showcase the company's capabilities
  • Create a career section
  • Designed a clean and modern website, according to Jay Dee's brand
  • Built a customized photo gallery to showcase projects
  • Customized a comprehensive career portal page

Our Solution

To create a website that was as innovative as Jay Dee Contractors, TM designed a clean and modern website that artfully exhibited the company’s green and yellow branding. Our copywriting team penned content that clearly illustrated who Jay Dee Contractors is as a company, and both verbally and visually exhibited their mission and core values.

TM developed a customized photo gallery and custom slide show integration to showcase Jay Dee’s complex projects and capabilities. A comprehensive career portal page was also developed, so job candidates stay up-to-date on career opportunities.

Today the Jay Dee Contractors website is unlike most in their industry - one step ahead, like the company itself. Since it’s initial launch, TM has worked diligently to keep www.jaydee.us updated, cutting edge, and relevant.

Showcasing True Expertise

The customized photo gallery and slide show integration show Jay Dee’s complex projects and capabilities.

Creating an Online Brand

The clean and modern website artfully exhibits the company’s green and yellow branding.

Configuring a Platform for Projects

Unlike most in their industry, Jay Dee's projects are always one step ahead. We created the capability to showcase that.