Industrial Control Repair, Inc. supports manufacturing plants with a broad range of services including preventative maintenance and asset management.


With ICR’s primary focus in robotics, they were unsurprisingly knowledgeable about the technical aspects of development and website hosting capabilities, but needed a partner that could deliver design and copywriting expertise.

Our Challenge

  • Bring ICR's design to life
  • Assist in the copywriting process
  • Act as ICR's partner in the development process

Our solution

  • Brought ICR's website design vision to life
  • Wrote website copy in the appropriate tone
  • Handed ICR full website files and hosting information to go live

TM dove in to the project, completely re-designing ICR’s website and bringing those designs to life. With ICR providing the initial draft of their website’s content, TM worked tirelessly to structure and perfect the copywriting. Careful to stay in a tone that was relevant to the their industry and competencies, the website’s content quality was brought up-to-par with its new design.

As the website’s development reached a stage where the website could go live, ICR took over the website’s files and hosting capabilities. The entire project was a successful partnership – from beginning to end.